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Monument Snowboards 2008-2009 Website has Launched!

August 19, 2008

Monument Snowboards 2008-2009 Website has Launched!

Monument Snowboards is pleased to announce the launch of our 2008-09 website.  Not only can you view the new product for 2008-09, but you can also become part of the Monument Consortium. 

The new Monument site is a non-traditional snowboard site, sure there are rider bios featuring the Monument Youth Crew and some product features but you can also get to better know all of the artists Monument is currently working with in the Monument Artist Network and view the boards they have done for our artist series as well as other work from their portfolio.  The new site is a complete lifestyle site for those interested in subjects beyond snowboarding.  Subjects that include the latest in art trends, fashion,  music, local scenes, resorts ,products, travel and lifestyle surrounding all things Monument as well as useless info that we deem cool for you to view or read.  Our blog section is updated by our staff, riders and the artists we collaborate with.

You can check our team aka Youth Crew pages featuring bios photos and video of: Brandon Trombley, Doug Mercer, Nick Geisen, Ryan Farnes, Jeremy Cline, Mike Fink, and Chris “Chach” Chance.  The Youth Crew will be contributing news, photos and videos in the rider blog section through out the season so keep checking back to get the latest nuggets of news from the Youth Crew.

We also have created RADIO ON AIR for you to download and listen, this is hand picked by our staff and will be updated on a regular basis.   Of course the site will be chock full of visuals in the form of photography and video – from product, to riders, to new and engaging art from our artists.

Each year Monument curates an artist series, that represents our entire collection, from established and emerging artists alike. This year we are pleased to present 5 artists to join our Artist Network and create boards for the 2008-09 collection. These artists include New York graffiti artist and Krink creator, Craig Costello, Los Angeles based artist and fashion designer Kime Buzzelli, Philadelphia artist and sweatheart musician Thom Lessner, Flaunt magazine creative director and artist Todd Tourso, and lastly the mysterious Owleyes. These artists join a growing list of established and emerging artists in our Artist Network including Paris design collective Surface to Air, Maya Hayuk, Donny Miller, Peter Beste, J.Penry, Fighting, Sandro Grison and Dustin Koop.