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International Surfwear Company Oxbow Launches Brand in the U.S. at ASR

August 28, 2008

International Surfwear Company Oxbow Launches Brand in the U.S. at ASR

Oxbow Surfwear is taking the U.S. by storm. Their success has long been felt in Europe and the rest of the world and now, with their flagship store open in the United States and official launch at ASR, Oxbow is making their presence known here.

From September 4th - 6th, 2008, the French surf company will be debuting its Spring 2009 surfwear line to core action sports retailers in San Diego. With over 23 years of experience in the industry, Oxbow will present its technical line of wetsuits in addition to its lifestyle collections that combine European style with SoCal beach culture aesthetics.

On Friday the 5th, retailers and ASR attendees will also have the chance to meet Laird Hamilton, long-time Oxbow big-wave rider. “Oxbow has sponsored me for almost 20 years: from my first experimentations with speed sailing in Europe and tow-in surfing in Maui in 1990 to the millennium wave in Teahupoo in 2001, and today, I am very proud to be associated with the launch of Oxbow in the U.S.” explains Laird Hamilton. He will be hanging out at the Oxbow booth and signing autographs at 4pm.

Beside its entry into wholesale, Oxbow has already announced its plans to support the U.S. surfing community by putting on the final leg of their annual World Longboard Tour in November 5th-9th, in San Clemente, California.