Industry News 9/8/2008

QUIKSILVER Soccer Team Scores Goals for Charity

QUIKSILVER Soccer Team Scores Goals for Charity
Industry Brands Compete in Trade Convention Tournament Hosted by

Quiksilver, the leading brand in boardriding and soccer-balling, celebrates the victory of its soccer team in a charity tournament benefiting the Mission Valley YMCA, where the games were held.  Ditching its boards for cleats, Quik smoked Vans 4-0 in the final game of the double-elimination dustup.  Goals in the final came from Quiksilver team-riders Travis Rice and Brian Fox, along with Roxy snowboarder Erin Comstock.  Aside from Vans, losing participants included Billabong, Surf Right, DVS, Soltec, Fuel TV and Active Ride Shop. 

"I'm proud to be a part of the competent Quiksilver team that we were", said Travis Rice, Quiksilver snowboarder and star of the new film "That's It, That's All".  "Though we may not have had the semi-pro MLS ringers like the Active team, the important thing is that we played as one unit, and that's why we triumphed."

Along with the Rice, Fox and Comstock goal-scoring-trio, and Roxy snowboarder Alexis Waite, were Quiksilver's Brian Craighill, Bud Seyedin, Jamey Beeson, JT Akers and Guy Chanin - putting office foosball skills to action on the turf.  The Quik soccer team plans on defending its title at the coming SIA convention, to be held January 2009 in Las Vegas. 

The games were hosted by, and competing brands donated autographed product to be auctioned online.