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Malakye Trivia: September

September 16, 2008

This month's prize: Seeing that Malakye Trivia is a contest, and some of you may be discruntled for not winning the apparel package from last month's trivia, we decided to give you another chance!  If you win this month's trivia, Fox will hook you up with some new clothes.  The Fox Prize Pack will be given to "1" lucky winner who provides the correct answer to this month's trivia - to be announced the first week of October.  You'll have to dig deep for this one!  Here's the question:
Won Ton Animal Chin, who starred in the classic 1987 Bones Brigade skate video The Search for Animal Chin, went underground for what reason?
Skate spots were disappearing
The Bones Brigade was after him
Skateboarding became too commercial
Had warrants for unpaid skating tickets
Couldn’t handle the fame

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