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Malakye Update: Live from ASR '08

September 16, 2008

Malakye Update: Live From ASR '08
Malakye's Shmoozapalooza & Casting Call, and Battle of the Shops Contest
Malakye's Shmoozapalooza and Casting Call were out in full effect at this September's ASR show in downtown San Diego.  Roughly 600 people attended the Shmooz' with the ultimate goal of landing a job in the ASI.  Not only was the Shmooz' a success, Malakye's Casting Call on the show floor was a blast for any and all show goers willing to participate.  The Casting Call was basically an audition for the next ad for Malakye.  Future hopefuls lined up along the velvet ropes in wait of their turn, wrote in their own text with dry-erase markers on the comic strip bubbles provided, and struck a snazzy pose for all the onlookers!

Below are pictures of the Shmooz', Casting Call, and a handful of pic's from the Battle of the Shops Contest that took place Saturday, Sept. 6.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Surf Aid International Stopped By

Auditions Aren't for Everyone

Make a Wish Foundation...OUCH!

Beer Thirty Arrived!

"I Love"

Skinnie Mag' Rolled By

Power's Back On!

Cocktails Put the Talent at Ease

686 In the Mix

Podium Was Out & About

Bill Fine Tuning

Kickin' Off the Casting Call Cocktail Party

Billy's Pre-Game

Haipha Had to Join In!

Omer N' Friends

A Look Back to Soak It All In

Snowboard Mag Chillin' with the Crew

Skullcandy Auditioning Earlier in the Day

Skullcandy at Cocktail Hour

Aussie's In the House

Things Get Wild When the Booze Comes Out

ASR Rocks!

Future MalakyeB2Bers

- Shmoozapalooza -

Masses at the Shmoozapalooza

Quiksilver's Line Up Along the Left

The Gals at FUEL TV

Finally Made It to the Front

More Views...

A Look Past Oakley and LRG on the Right

Ramp Prep' Before the Show

- Battle of the Shops Contest -

Carlin Frontside Flip

Grom Kickflip

Hardflip?  Kickfilp Shifty?

Switch Flip