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MalakyeB2B Update

September 24, 2008


Highlights in this B2B update include new vendors! Please take a moment to enjoy and familiarize yourself with these companies as potential solutions to your business needs. MalakyeB2B presents you with: Tangram International Exhibitions, Platinum Logistics, Creative Concept, Oletta HK, and Origin Design + Communications

Tradeshows inspire ideas. Walking the aisles, creative ideas surround you from all sides, thoughts start bubbling up about what to do next. Tangram International Exhibitions is a company that can bring ideas into reality. Pictured above are two ideas turned reality: Nike SB "Nothing But the Truth" premier and a pleasently green feeling Converse booth for the WSA show. Tangram's offices in Los Angeles, Calif, New York, NY. and Cannes, France give it the ability to serve your comany's needs. In addition to tradeshow exhibitions and special events, Tangram specializes in Branded Environments, Museum Exhibitions, Retail Executions, and Pop Up Retail. To see more of Tangram's work, click here.

Tradeshows create a need to ship more! Platinum Logistics debuts on MalakyeB2B with a mission to “keep our customers happy” by providing logistics and warehousing services that are intended to “make it easy, and lower cost.” Platinum has been in business for more than 20 years working with a variety of customers including large, big box retailers all of which have some of the strictess EDI requirements in the business. Platinum has produced high levels of shipping accuracy for retailers such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Ross and many more.

Additional services from Platinum include expedited freight services throughout North America and around the world. Same Day, Next Day, Second Day, and Economy Services to accommodate a variety of needs - and budgets. Platinum also provides LTL/FTL Services, 'Hot Shot', International Services. And not to be overlooked, Platinum offers warehouse storage, pick pack and distribution services.

Anticipating inventory in excess of your warehousing capacity for holiday shipping? Platinum has 70,000 square feet of warehouse space in San Diego, Calif. ready to go for short-term lease and / or pick pack operations.

Tradeshows bring production! Pre-books are in, and it's time to produce and ship on time. Whether it's apparel, accessories, or technical sports apparel (i.e. - boardshorts) Creative Concept can help! It's Lake Forest, Calif. office and Hangzhou City, China office of more than 2500 employees are poised and ready. Creative Concept knows change can be difficult, and to ease that pain the company offers "to sample your current products at no charge - delivered to you within 30 days!"

Tradeshows create curiosity. For example, "hmm....who made those labels and hang tags?" One company that can help, and produces both regular and environmentally friendly products is Oletta HK. Oletta HK, based in Hong Kong, makes labels, hang tags, and a whole host of other products. Oletta states competitve "made in China" pricing and minimums start around 1,000 pieces.

Need a break from tradeshows? Or reading the word? Me too! Take a moment to enjoy the new "Peak to Peak" campaign created by Origin Design + Communications for Whistler's new gondola that travels almost 3 miles from one peak to another, and reaches a height of nearly 1,500 feet above the valley floor. The very first crossing took place on September 18th, 2008. It might be a safe bet to believe the first car to cross was empty, but not in this case! That's right, the very first car to go for it was manned by an engineer from the engineering / construction company Doppelmayr! Put your life where your mouth is! Origin created both a youth focused campaign as well as a more "traditional" focused campaign for Peak to Peak. To see more of Origin's recent work, click here.