Industry News 10/7/2008

Jetpilot Announces Website Launch - Packed with Features

Jetpilot Announces Website Launch - Packed with Features

Jetpilot Headquarters - Vista, CA: Jetpilot announces the launch of their completely new company web-site today. The web-site is designed with efficiency and clarity in mind.  The goal was simple: Create a window into the world of Jetpilot and what the brand is all about.  Some key highlights in regards to the new design and site map are listed below:

New JP Blog feature: Read up on the latest happenings from riders like Shane Bonifay, Adam Knox, Robbie Maddison, Shaun Murray, Richie Vaculik & Charley Stevens.

Fresh Products: See all the products that Jetpilot is puttin' out these days. Their latest and most unique, bold, edgy boardshorts, hoodies, tees, wetsuits & vests can be viewed 24/7/365.

JP Frequent Flyer Club: Enter and join the club.  Receive inside information to the latest happenings in the world of Jetpilot.  Club members also have a chance to win some fresh JP products every month.

JP Affiliate Program: With breakthrough software developed by JP lab freak-show tech-geeks, everyone now can buy Jetpilot product online through our qualified affiliate dealers.  It's simple & effective and gives the first right of sales to our dealers who are Jetpilot's life blood & support network.