Industry News 10/7/2008

Project BLUE Gets Famous

Project BLUE Gets Famous
Famous Green Label Surf Wax Joins The Project BLUE Initiative to Benefit Surfrider Foundation

Project BLUE, the environmental initiative established to raise funds in support of the non-profit Surfrider Foundation's mission to protect the oceans and beaches, would like to welcome Famous Wax into the family.  As part of their support, a portion of the proceeds from Famous' petrochemical-free Green Label Surf Wax will be donated to Surfrider.  The latest member of the project BLUE initiative, Famous joins industry leaders Billabong, DAKINE, Electric, Nixon, O'Neill and Reef in their ongoing support of clean water and safe beaches worldwide.

Forward thinking and environmentally conscious, Famous represents an ideal partner for project BLUE.  After two years of R&D, Famous was able to create the Green Label line of wax to be both environmentally friendly and at the same time, perform to the standards of the Famous surf team.  In addition to having superior grip in the water, Famous Green Label Surf Wax is biodegradable, 100 percent organic and non- toxic.

"We developed the Green Label wax in the mindset of wanting to do our part and help  Earth conscious surfers take a step towards limiting their global footprint by offering them an alternative to petroleum based surf wax," commented Sam Sciortino, owner of Famous Wax.  "When we were first preparing to introduce the Green Label wax to retail, partnering with project BLUE seemed like a natural evolution for our company.  As surfers, we all need to do what we can to keep the 
oceans and beaches clean, joining the project BLUE initiative and helping Surfrider is just one way we're trying at Famous."

Famous has taken steps to make the packaging of their wax more environmentally as well.  Green Label wax is wrapped in FSC certified recycled paper and uses soy ink in the printing process.

"Famous stepping up for project BLUE provides one more outlet for surfers to support Surfrider and the environment through conscious decision making in their regular routines.  Famous may be a smaller company when compared to the other project BLUE partners, but their support is a great example of how little steps can lead to big changes," said Vipe Desai, brand strategist at Propaganda HQ and founder of the project BLUE initiative.  "Project BLUE isn't a showcase for companies trying to out green each other.  What we are doing is providing easy options for people to plug into Surfrider with minimal effort.  If everyone took little steps towards helping the environment, we'd see big changes in the oceans."

Famous Green Label Surf Wax is available in five temperature ranges (including base coast) and is currently at better surf shops nationwide. More information on Famous Wax can be found at