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Wizzard Media Launches WizzardX. A Highly Targeted Action Sports Video Channel

October 10, 2008

Wizzard Media Launches WizzardX. A Highly Targeted Action Sports Video Channel

Wizzard Media, the world’s largest podcasting network, today announced the official launch of WizzardX, a vertical video channel initiative featuring the hottest action sports content from leading industry professionals, the most popular action sports brands and top podcast publishers. Viewers will have a front row seat to a wide variety of action sports ranging from jet ski competitions, surfing, bmx, motocross, snowboarding, powerboat racing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and more.

WizzardX host, Emily Dickinson, will bring the tightest shots, gnarliest crashes and sweetest moves to life each week as the channel grows to include over 20 of the top podcast shows in the action sports genre. This week, Emily promotes four anchor shows, Dirt, Street, Snow and Water featuring some of the top professionals in their respective sport.

WizzardX is being launched as a distributed video channel found at and simultaneously on YouTube, Joost, Daily Motion, MySpace, Facebook, iTunes and Zune. Fans of the channel can also embed the flash video player on their own website, blog, MySpace and Facebook pages in order to automatically receive new episodes as they are released each Tuesday, growing the audience virally.

“The action sports audience is one which we believe advertisers and viewers alike can relate,” says Chris Spencer, Wizzard Media CEO. “Targeting 13 to 30 year old males, the action sports market has experienced significant growth in the last three years with its dedicated and growing fan base. Our advertisers have a wide variety of choices through which to communicate their message, ranging from channel banners and video commercials to sponsorship opportunities for a number of live events.” In addition to Wizzard’s ad sales, YouTube, Joost and future partner sites will bring advertisers to the channel on their platforms, sharing revenues with Wizzard and its content providers.

WizzardX is the first in a series of highly targeted vertical channels Wizzard Media will be announcing in the up-coming months to bring advertisers closer to viewers in a highly targeted and influential setting. Targeted niche programming has been growing in popularity with advertisers since the advent of digital cable and the internet. Spencer adds, “We see the growth between targeted niche content, the viewers and advertisers, as a way for us to begin to feature our top publisher’s content and bring all parties together profitably. We are excited for our advertisers, viewers and podcast publishers as we roll out this highly anticipated product.”