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This Week On FUEL TV's The Daily Habit, The Weekly Update, and

October 27, 2008

This Week On FUEL TV's The Daily Habit, The Weekly Update, and

Kristian Svitak and Ben Raybourn – Monday 10.27.08

Skateboarder Kristian Svitak is here to talk about the new 1031 video. Plus, he brought an up-and-coming 1031 skater who’s turning some heads, Ben Raybourn. Also, Jordan Morris and the Movie Trailer Babes hook us up with a preview of Max Payne starring Mark Wahlberg. Kristian Svitak’s sponsors include: 1031, NSS, Innes, Landshark Wheels, Negative One, Speed Metal, Destructo and Ohio Surf and Skate. Ben Raybourn’s sponsors include: 1031, IPath, Innes, Landshark Wheels, and Negative One

Jamie Anderson and music guest Darker My Love – Tuesday 10.28.08

Today, the youngest person to win gold at X Games, pro snowboarder Jamie Anderson is here. Also, we’ll enjoy the grungy psychedelic sounds of our musical guest, Darker My Love. Plus, correspondent Cheyenne interviews the cast of the movie “Sex Drive” starring James Marsden and Seth Green. Jamie Anderson’s sponsors include: DVS, Billabong, Electric, Salomon, Rockstar Energy,, and Sierra at Tahoe

Collin Harrington – Wednesday 10.29.08

Today’s guest embraces all forms of stoke; he surfs, he skates, but his specialty is wakeboarding – Liquid Force team rider, Collin Harrington is here. Be the first to catch the exclusive trailer to Collin’s upcoming film “Box of Fun” Plus, check out some moments of true madness from the 2008 Brostock wakeboarding event in Arizona. Also, Chris Cote bro’s out with the cast of Dude Cruise starring Bruce and Andy Irons.  Collin Harrington’s sponsors include: Quiksilver, Liquid Force, Mastercraft, Freestyle Watches and Performance Ski & Surf.

Gabe Taylor and music guest The Virgins – Thursday 10.30.08

Today, pro snowboarder and Artec team rider Gabe Taylor takes off the bindings for a sit down with the Habit. Also, live performances from American Indie rockers, The Virgins. Trust me, you’ve heard them and you like it. Plus, we check out the most talked about snowboard films of the upcoming season of shred. Gabe Taylor’s sponsors include: Etnies/32, Dragon, Allyance, Artec, Mammoth Mountain, Active, Grenade Gloves, Union and Coal.

Keith Lyman, Jill Wagner and music guest Norma Jean – Friday 10.31.08

Happy Halloween! Today, iconic wakeboarder Liquid Force and Oakley team rider Keith Lyman hits the Habit. Plus, actress Jill Wagner stops by to talk about her role in the new horror film, Splinter. Finally, to top this Halloween episode off we’re bringing you a live performance you will never forget, Norma Jean is here to perform. Keith Lyman’s sponsors include: Oakley, Liquid Force, Kicker, Straight Line and Xcel Wetsuits.

This week on FUEL TV’s Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, we have complete coverage of the AST Dew Tour’s final stop in Orlando:  In the Skate Park Final, Chaz Ortiz wins the Dew Cup. In the Skate Vert Final, Pierre-Luc Ganon wins the Dew Cup.

In the BMX Park Final, Daniel Dhers wins the Dew Cup. In the BMX Vert Final, Jamie Bestwick wins the Dew Cup. In the BMX Dirt final, Cameron White wins the Dew Cup.

In the FMX Final, Adam Jones wins the Dew Cup. Andy Macdonald wins The Playstation Player of the Year Award. The Playstation Athlete of the Year Award was a tie between Daniel Dhers and Jamie Bestwick.

In the One-on-one Interview,  AST Dew Cup Champions Cameron White and Pierre-Luc Ganon talk about winning the overall tour titles.

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Uniquely Oakley Premiers

It isn't every day that a movie premiers...well maybe every other day, but this one was special. We swear. With a rumored $4 million budget (although we all doubt this number) to play with, the Oakley girls team of athletes from snowboarders to skiers to surfers to skaters, traveled the world for more than a year filming to create one of the most beautiful women's films to date.

Hurley Signs Bar Rafaeli to Its Team

Over the last few years models have replaced surfers in ads more and more when it comes to surf brands. While model surfers like Elise Garrigue (Rip Curl) and Alana Brennan (Billabong) have been a staple in the ads over the years, even models who really do surf may not be the trend going forward. Whether this is right or wrong is hard to say, but it is kind of disappointing when you are a young woman going after a world title.