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October 28, 2008 Gets Their Blog On, the Action Sports channel on Yahoo! Sports, today announced the launch of a new blog platform to promote amateur and professional journalists. GrindTV’s new blogging tool rounds out its robust user profile pages.

“This new blogging platform will encourage communication between industry, athletes and fans, and will allow us to promote the most active and knowledgeable writers to an audience of more than 20 million sports fans,” said Greg “TripleG” Morrow, CEO of GrindTV.

Select bloggers will earn “Kind Of A Big Deal” status, which will automatically elevate their posts directly to the sport homepages, and the best blogs will be featured on the homepage and promoted across Yahoo!. Managing Editor of GrindTV Blogs, Tom “MORINformed” Morin, had this to say: “Don’t drink and blog. That’s how people get hurt.” Initial Channels launched include:

Skate Junky - Skate
Gnarbucks  - Surf
270°to Blog - Snow
The Inland Empire Strikes Back - Moto
CrankHead - BMX
The WhirlyBird Diaries - Wake