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MalakyeB2B Update: Nov. 1, 2008

November 3, 2008

"Diversity Reigns Supreme" is the theme of this update.  We're taking you from design, to streamlining warehouse operations, to a great website content management tool, and back to the creative side with photography. Talk about something that you can forward to a few of your peers - this is it!  You can click the links below to jump straight to the section that strikes your interest.


Diversity reigns Lively and Motch. Pictured above, deck graphics for Zero, album art for Jack Johnson's, Sleep Through the Static (L&M designed everything from the cover to the tour merchandise to every single piece of p.o.p.) and complete branding for Conserve Fuel, the only gas station in Los Angeles that sells biofuels and three grades of regular gasoline. Jordan Tappis, Owner of Record Collection has this to say about his experience with Lively and Motch, "I've worked with Jeff Motch and Dave Lively for about 5 years now. Whether they're art directing a marketing campaign, designing an album cover or laying out merchandise, Jeff and Dave have always conducted themselves in a highly professional manor. They are creative, easy to work with and, considering what they do, surprisingly affordable. I strongly recommend using them."

From ultra creative to ultra spreadsheet just like that? You betchya! That's how B2B works. It's a resource to meet a wide range of needs that exist within your business. Let's talk about these numbers. Platinum Logistics provides this as a sample of how outsourcing your warehouse operations can save your company money. In this economy, it pays to minimize overhead. Platinum can provide a wide range of solutions from taking over your existing warehouse space to moving it off-site for you, and make it as smooth and unobtrusive as possible. Platinum also provides full-service logistics, freight forwarding, and shipping. Keep on truckin'!

Obray, obray, obraaaayyy, obraayyy. Sing it like Dolly Parton sings her "Jolene" song and get into it! Because this tool will make marketing departments sing. It's about the easiest content management system you can imagine. What makes it so easy is you do "behind the scenes" updates but looking at the actual web page that your website visitors will see. Is that good, or what? No need to guess about how it's going to look or have to keep multiple windows open to update, then check - update - then check - toggle - toggle - toggle - you feeling the pain I'm talking about? Advent Creative can take that pain away!

Imagery like this can belong to you. Surfer Magazine staff photographer Ben DeCamp's watermen skills combined with a creative vision lead to some of the most progressive images and marketing campaigns in the action sports industry today. High-resolution, high-quality photos are available for a wide range of uses from an affordable use for internet all the way to a worldwide, unlimited buyout of an image.