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Acclaimed Artist Ben Woodward Joins FUEL TV’s Award Winning Signature Series

November 4, 2008

Acclaimed Artist Ben Woodward Joins FUEL TV’s Award Winning Signature Series
His network ID inspired by the Muppets and video games.

FUEL TV, the only network dedicated to the lifestyle of action sports, is proud to announce the release of its newest Signature Series network ID featuring the work of acclaimed artist Ben Woodward.

Woodward is the founding member of Space 1026, an artists' collective whose members are inspired by graffiti, fantasy, cartoons, action sports, 'zines, stickers and adolescent notebook art. Jesse Olanday, member of Space 1026, animated Woodward’s Signature Series ID for FUEL TV. Woodward’s inspiration for his promo spot came from various aspects of his everyday life.

“I find a lot of inspiration in mundane life, the Muppets, video games, my wife and kid, long pointless conversations with my friends, and Hindu manuscript painting,” he says. The Philly-based artist's half-human, half-animal creations can be seen as a little monstrous, but also entirely vulnerable, quirky and sweet. And according to Woodward, that vision reflects how each person is interconnected to the world around them. Ben also credits the world of action sports for unleashing his creative potential.

“I know I would have never gotten into art if it were not for the skaters I looked up to having cool stuff on their boards or doing art themselves,” says Woodward. “I used to skateboard, but too many years of not landing big stair sets have left my ankles swollen and grumpy. Now I just ride bikes a lot.”

This is Woodward’s second project for FUEL TV. He also collaborated with several artists including James Marshal (Dalek), Chris Yormick, and Mike Giant on a stop-motion animation for a FUEL TV channel ID.

“Ben was part of a project we did a couple years back called Reveal and we knew he was twisted enough to be part of the Signature Series,” says FUEL TV’s Creative Director Todd Dever. “Ben has such an interesting way of looking at things … so simple, but it makes you think.”

FUEL TV’s award winning Signature Series IDs are inspired by signature skateboard decks created for skateboarders by influential or iconic artists. These Signature Series IDs can serve many purposes: to introduce the audience to new and upcoming artists and/or athletes; or to serve as a way for current athletes and artists to express themselves in art and music. 

Ben Woodward’s work has been exhibited at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Moore College and Spector Gallery in Philadelphia; White Columns in New York; Camp Woodward, Pennsylvania; and several venues in California including the FUEL TV offices. He's been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz, The Face, Spin and a million places on the internet.