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MalakyeB2B Update - November 12, 2008

November 12, 2008

MalakyeB2B is so simple to use!  It's as easy as sending an email to let us know what you need, and we'll work to make that connection.  An example is the RFP that went out for Red Bull today.  It's a small, simple print job with a really tight deadline - two days. Within hours there were "4" companies to choose from. The job will be done well, and on time.

This update demonstrates the diversity of usefulness produced by MalakyeB2B. Printing above, and check this out:


You have plenty of space - at The Space by Propaganda HQ.  It is a great location, it's new, and it's stacked with features you need to make your next event or production happen in South Orange County.  The Space, located in San Clemente, Calif., is a multi-purpose studio space ready for all types of events including small meetings, art shows, photo studio, showroom, private film screenings and parties of 75 guests or less.  Pictured above is The Space being put to work for a Sambazon photo shoot with Rob Machado and Bob Burnquist, and right below that is a special event that just happened.  Both of these productions were a huge success and yours will be too.

The Space can accommodate up to 75 people, has the latest A/V equipment, an LCD display, free Wi-Fi to keep up while you're on location, and the walls are lined with a track system that allows for the easy display of framed art.  The atmosphere is capped by a skylight and 10'x12' roll-up door which flood the SPACE with light. Click here to learn more and reserve a date.


The road to capital (with a "K") is not closed. Rich Anderson of Moss Adams Capital knows this business environment is very challenging but is confident that established brands will be able to attract capital to support their businesses.  Quantifying established companies in the eyes of the capital investment world is important at this point. The relatively loose definition of "established" here refers to wholesale businesses with revenues greater than $20M and retailers with revenues greater than $40M - these businesses will have much greater odds of attracting capital than smaller companies.  According to Mr. Anderson, there are numerous private equity investors and strategic buyers out there looking to support branded businesses.

Smaller companies will find it challenging to attract outside investment from sources other than family, friends or someone from the personal community that surrounds the company. Your vision and your business intelligence will guide you through the weeds. Click here to learn more about Moss Adams Capital.


Business Intelligence - DUN DUN DUN!  It sounds like a super hero of sorts, doesn't it?  It's actually business software, and in less than 72 hours your company can be using Triniti E-Viewer software that will optimize business practices and facilitate informed decision making.

It is always the right time to make sure optimization is running rampant company-wide!  Sales management, inventory management, supply chain, finance and warehouse are all under the scrutiny of Triniti E-Viewer.

The big questions remain though: “who is it for” and “is it within the budget”?  Triniti, being the optimization company it is, put something together that makes it clear as day.  This Business Intelligence software is ideal for consumer products companies with:

  • $10M+ in annual revenue
  • Growing at a rate of 10% or more per year
  • 10+ concurrent or simultaneous if you prefer ERP users