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MalakyeB2B Update - Jan. 7 2009

January 7, 2009

Let's Shine In '09!
How does that feel?  Good we hope!  That's what we're sticking with for 2009.  MalakyeB2B can help your business shine too. This update is packed with great information, updates and images.  MalakyeB2B is here to help you achieve your business goals.  It's what the "yellow pages" doesn't want you to know about it.  Your job just got easier.

Tradeshow time is here and MalakyeB2B can help fulfill your last minute needs.  Post an RFP to get the word out.  Need help putting it to work?  E-mail or call MalakyeB2B Base Camp: 310-379-5077.

Chopshop is where film and video go to get created, edited, distributed, re-purposed, and live a long happy life across all the media platforms the world has to offer.  Soak that up for a minute. And consider this quote from Chopshop CEO & Creative Director Zach Lyons, "Any company that wants to be on TV should call us."  Chopshop goes beyond film and video capabilities and into providing services found in the world's leading creative agencies - non endemic companies looking to gain exposure in the action sports industry, and authentic activation of your brand consider Chopshop to be a potential solution.

Chopshop has more on the horizon, too. Without spilling out the full bag of tricks, film makers of the action sports world keep your eye focused on a big announcement from Chopshop coming next month.  There is a lot more to learn about this company.  Check them out here, and visit to see loads of great work.

10 Reasons INK FX Can Print Your Ts - 6 color, water base discharge print on teal slim fit | Simulated process | 6 color, water base print on zippered fleece | Reverse discharge print on inside of tee with appliqued sewn fabric patch, then clear gel overprinted on top of patch | 3 color water base discharge print/ over size print | Water base discharge and foil | Water base discharge print and plastisol/ Jumbo print |1 2 color index print/ plastisol.  Curious to know why INK FX customer's are so happy?  Here is a very telling quote, "Personal service and a commitment to quality is why our customers think we are number one." Learn more now.

Origin Design + Communication has been cranking out work from both sides of the country! Whistler, BC. and Montreal, QC offices are firing out creative. So much in fact Marketing Magazine recently did a feature editorial on Origin. Pictured above is an Atomic branded shop-in-shop in Mont Saint-Sauveur (a first for Atomic) which was designed and produced by Origin.

Tangram International Can Help You Win at Tradeshows. Tangram's design and execution for Misaki, a pearl jewelry and accessory company based in Monte Carlo, France, at Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland, won a silver medal in Event Design Magazine's 2008 Awards Campaign.  Flexing it's diversity, Tangram is about to reveal it's work for Nike on the release of the new Jordan Sneaker, party and press conference.  Now could be the time for your company to evaluate its tradeshow and/or event strategy.  Bigger, smaller, wider, lighter, ground breaking and award winning are all common thoughts at Tangram.


One stop digital shop! That is the goal of Moebius Color. One good look over all the equipment Moebius has at its shop and you will see the materialization of this goal.  Another goal of Moebius is to stick to its business credo of your next project being "of the highest quality, on time and on budget."

In addition to all the equipment and capabilities you will see in Moebius' profile on MalakyeB2B the company recently purchased a Flatbed Printer, Digital Die-Cutter, 30 Foot Weldmaster, and an additional 10 Foot Solvent Printer - all located in it's 10,000 square foot printing facility.

Professional services offered by Moebius include: Design, Photography, Photographic Printing, Solvent Printing, UV Flatbed Printing, Inkjet Printing, Digital Die-Cutting, Scanning, Tradeshow Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Custom P.O.P. and more.