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MISSIONSIX and MONIX Enter the Hardgoods Arena!!!

December 16, 2008

MISSIONSIX and MONIX Enter the Hardgoods Arena!!!

After 15 plus years of developing and presenting some of the best outerwear in the game, Mission Six and Monix are pleased to announce their entrance into the hardgoods spectrum.

“It is an exciting time for us” states Ronnie Tambourine, Brand Manager for both Mission Six and Monix.  “We have been working on both of these programs for quite some time now.  We have focused on everything from bringing key players to our in-house team, to studying the marketplace ensuring we are offering the best product for the right prices”.

Both Mission Six and Monix are bringing full hardgoods programs to the table for the 2009/10 season, consisting of snowboards, boots and bindings.  Top-of the-line outerwear will also remain an integral part of both brands, with Mission Six focusing on the male segments and Monix, their female counterparts.
“With the addition of Jason Lee, Product and Sourcing Director as well as Trvr O'Neill as our Creative Director, we feel strongly we have the highest quality design and production minds at work” added Tambourine.  “With our offices located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, we have the ability to test our products regularly and call Tahoe home.  Additionally, we have team riders worldwide helping us maintain our high standards of excellence.”

Jason Lee formerly over-saw all production and sourcing for A. Mordo and Son and the brands Sapient, Lamar and LTD.  Trvr O'Neill has a strong background in the industry, spending time both at a factory level with Kuji Sports and on the branded side, working with Lamar, LTD and Sims snowboards.  “With a combined history of over 15 years within the Action Sports world, these two bring a wealth of knowledge and relationships to our team, we are extremely happy they have jumped on board” affirmed Ronnie Tambourine.

The new product categories for both Mission Six and Monix will make their debut at the 2009 SIA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Supported by an already strong history in snowboarding, both Mission Six and Monix will be backed by a new global distribution plan and are seeking energetic and experienced North American sales reps, as well as additional distributors to join the family.