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This Week on FUEL TV's The Daily Habit

January 2, 2009

This Week on FUEL TV's The Daily Habit

Best of TDH with Brandon Biebel – Monday 1.05.09

Today’s show kicks off Best of The Daily Habit week with Girl team rider and pro skater, Brandon Biebel.  Speaking of which, Jordan Morris gets Joe Maloof to fly him out to Vegas to get the scoop on his Money Cup. Plus, the always eclectic, occasionally trippy, indie rock band “Islands” shakes up the habit.  Brandon Biebel’s sponsors include: Lakai footwear, Matix Clothing, Girl Skateboards, Diamond, FKD Bearings, Momentum Wheels, Silver Trucks, Dakine and FTC Skateshop.

Best of TDH with Danny Kass and The Dingo – Tuesday 1.06.09

The best of the Daily Habit week continues with Grenade Co-Founder and decorated snowboarder, Danny Kass. Plus, we’ll venture deep into to outback to observe the native Dingo – as he and Danny discuss their new Fuel TV show, “The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo”.  Also, we sneak into Transworld’s warehouse and for a clip from Emerica’s Skate and Create video.

Best of TDH with Bam Margera – Wednesday 1.07.09

The best of the Daily Habit week keeps on rolling with Element skate team rider, Jackass and music producer, Bam Margera. Also, Bam brings along his counterpart Novak for some in-studio antics.  And, correspondent Robo Hef realizes his lifelong robo dream and goes to the Playboy Mansion. Plus, one of Bam’s favorite bands, Norwegian rockers, Dimmu Borgir is bringing us a heavy performance that will pump the heart right out of your chest! Bam Margera’s sponsors include: Element, Wizard Sleeve, and Electric.

Best of TDH with Kelly Slater – Thursday 1.08.09

Today’s best of the Daily Habit episode is with the man himself, Kelly Slater; he’s here to talk about the glorious #9 and his new book “For the Love”. You don’t want to miss what happens when Kelly spins “The Wheel of Questions He’d Rather Not Answer”! Plus, Swedish rockers, The Hives, are here to energize the Snickers Sound Stage. Also, we get a taste of Kelly’s wild side at the 2008 Surfer Poll Awards.  Kelly Slater’s sponsors include: Quiksilver, Channel Islands, Boost Mobile, FCS and Komunity Project.

Best of TDH with Tony Alva – Friday 1.09.09

We end this amazing best of the Daily Habit week with a member of the original Zephyr team – Tony Alva, along with the Alva skate crew. Plus, he’s known for his role as Freddy Kruger, Robert Englund is on the habit.  Also, we sent Chris Pastras to the Alva Store for the collaborative artwork of Tony Alva and Mark Gonzales.

This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update with Boost Mobile: we have complete coverage of the 2008 ASP World Tour where Kelly Slater took his unprecedented ninth World Title.

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