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Action Sports’ Next Great Leap Forward: Instant Real Time Scoring

January 7, 2009

Action Sports’ Next Great Leap Forward: Instant Real Time Scoring
MTV Star and Skate Icon Rob Dyrdek and Partners Create: ISX – Instant Scoring eXperience™

A street skate icon, action sports pioneer and a cutting-edge technology company have come together to create ISX – Instant Scoring eXperience™. This revolutionary new scoring system has the potential to greatly enhance the competitive excitement for both television and live audiences, ensuring live, real-time results for street skating and all action sports.

ISX uses a dial technology developed for live, real-time feedback, combined with a proprietary software and graphic interface. “ISX is a live, instantaneous, trick-by-trick, run-by-run scoring system, right down to the potential for a buzzer beating finale,” says ISX partner, television star and street skater Rob Dyrdek.

“Now, like when Kobe Bryant hits a three pointer at the buzzer, skaters, as well as all action sports athletes, will experience the emotional connection between their competitive achievement and the drama of the moment with the emotional experience of fans watching  live or on TV,” Dyrdek added.

The world-renowned street skater will exclusively use ISX for skating as a cornerstone of his upcoming professional Street League, as well as using it as part of his new MTV Show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” which premieres on MTV on Feb. 8, 2009, at 8 pm EST.

Dyrdek’s partners include Paul Taublieb, CEO and Founder of Media X International, Inc. (MXi), a pioneer in action sports live events and television production, as well as the originator of the ISX concept. The other partner is MSInteractive, a world-leading technology and research company and developer of the ISX instant-response dial technology and software.

“For the many years I’ve been around such judged events, I’ve always been struck by the disconnect – the athlete is competing and the audience is waiting, waiting, waiting to know what to feel until those scores drop,” explained Taublieb. “No longer. With ISX it’s all happening in the present enhancing the entertainment experience of the core fan and at the same time make street skating and all action sports accessible to the mainstream sports fan.

“We have run full beta tests in real-world conditions with different action sports,” added Taublieb, “and proven that ISX works.  The system maintains the accuracy of judging, but makes it  instant -- even trick-by-trick -- in freestyle motocross, surfing, on a vert ramp, slopestyle, and of course, street skating.”

The technology behind ISX is built on MSInteractive’s Perception Analyzer® technology, the hand-held dial system used heavily for focus group research, instant responses to presidential debates (as seen on CNN during the 2008 presidential campaign), interactive meetings and television program integration.

“We’re taking our decades of experience in dial-group testing and focus groups and adding the layer of proprietary scoring customization with a dynamic graphic interface tailored to the specific needs of individual sports and formats,” explained David Paull, vice president of MSInteractive. “The data are collected from judges in real time as they enter scores by moving the dials based on what they see and feel.

“We then combine the scores with high-quality visual graphics, telling the entire story of the competition in a compelling fashion which everyone, at the live venue and on television, can understand and in a way which has never been seen before,” Paull added.

“ISX will take the appreciation of what skaters, and all action sports athletes do to a whole new level and you’ll see ISX not only in my new MTV series ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,’ but also in my Street League,” added Dyrdek.

ISX is available for custom applications for any judged sporting and reality television event and is entirely customizable to meet the format and structure of both live and televised events of any production.