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January 8, 2009

This month’s prize: Winter time is here, which probably means you’re headin’ to the mountains right?  Wrong!  This may ring true if you’re a die-hard knuckle dragger or boot shooter (snowboarders & skiers that's you), but not for the die-hard surfers out there hittin’ the winter swells.  If you win this month’s Malakye Trivia, Hyperflex is going to hook up “1” lucky guy and "1" lucky gal with a new wetsuit, booties and gloves – it keeps you warm!  Here’s the question:

There’s only one professional surfer from New Jersey that has cracked the ASP Top 44, and he just so happened to grow up near Hyperflex Headquarters in Millville. What's his name?
Sam Hammer
Dean Randazzo
Todd Holland
Matt Keenan
Scott Drages

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