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This Week on The Daily Habit

January 19, 2009

This Week on The Daily Habit

Alex Knost, Megan Boone and musical guest Japanese Motors – Monday 1.19.09

Today, the renaissance man himself, pro surfer Alex Knost is back on The Habit. Plus, his band, Japanese Motors hits the Snickers Sound stage with a soundboard-scorching live performance. Also, actress, Megan Boone stops by the studio to talk about the film “My Bloody Valentine – 3D”.  Alex Knost’s sponsors include: RVCA, Lost and Vans.

Kahana Kalama and Russell Brownley – Tuesday 1.20.09

Today, pro surfer Kahana Kalama is here to tell us all about his experience in one of the most volatile and beautiful surf spots in the world while filming, “Surfing in Bangladesh”.  Plus, the director of “Surfing in Bangladesh” and a regular Daily Habit contributing filmer Russell Brownley is here. Also, our own Jordan Morris makes Adam Sandler never want to sleep again at the premiere of “Bedtime Stories”. Kahana Kalama’s sponsors include: Jedidiah, Etnies, Sharp Eye, Arbor, FCS and Gorilla Grip.

Keir Dillon and musical guest Zion I – Wednesday 1.21.09

Today’s guest is back on The Habit to talk about the upcoming Winter X Games and his new show on FUEL TV; pro snowboarder Keir Dillon drops in on the Habit. Plus, a live performance that will introduce you to free-flowing lyrical bliss; Zion I hits the Snicker Sound Stage. Also, we check in with Jordan Morris for a preview of the highly anticipated new Skate 2 video game. Keir Dillon’s sponsors include: Nike, Anon, Burton, AMP Energy and Boost Mobile.

Sal Masekela – Thursday 1.22.09

Today’s guest has the lock on locks, as well as the Summer and Winter X Games; Sal Masekela is on The Habit to talk Winter X and he’s going to catch us up on all his latest projects. Plus, Daily Habit journalist Chris Fairbanks cracks the secrets of the new Skate 2 video game. Also, Jordan Morris goes one-on-one with Keanu Reeves to try and expose a government conspiracy. Sal Masekela’s sponsors include: Quiksilver, Nixon and Celtek gloves.

Torstein Horgmo and Tara Dakides – Friday 1.23.09

Today’s guest is tearing up the comp circuit and he’s known for laying down clean style while ripping the big spins, snowboarder Torstein Horgmo is here. Plus, one of the most decorated female snowboarders in X Games history, Tara Dakides gets us amped for Winter X. Also, correspondent Jeff Sloniker tries to conquer his inner wuss at the press day for “The Unborn.” Torstein Horgmo’s sponsors include: DC Shoes, Monster Energy Drink, Vestal, Oakley, and Park City Mountain Resort. Tara Dakides’ sponsors include: Billabong, Von Zipper, Vans, Mammoth Mountain Resort, Pro-Tec, and Fusion Energy.

This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update with Boost Mobile: we have complete coverage of the Winter Dew Tour stop two from Mount Snow, Vermont. Shaun White wins men’s snowboard superpipe, while Kelly Clark wins women’s. Torstein Horgmo wins the men’s slopestyle, and Spencer O’Brien wins women’s.

In skiing superipe, Simon Dumont wins the men’s division, and Jen Hudak takes women’s. In skiing slopestyle, JF Houle tops the men, and Kaya Turski wins the women’s division. 

We also check out FUEL TV’s Dew Underground from Mount Snow.

And in the Weekly Update one-on-one interview, Simon Dumont talks about the progression of freeskiing.

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