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This Week on FUEL TV

January 26, 2009

This Week on FUEL TV

Specials on FUEL TV This Week:

Monday, 1/26/2009 - 2008 US Open of Surfing – 8:00pm ET/PT in Meet & Brotatoes
Thursday, 1/29/2009 - Xcel Pro 2008 – 8:00pm ET/PT in SurfSpot

This Week on The Daily Habit

Steve Steadham, Brandon Read and musical guest The Mae Shi – Monday 1.26.09

Today, guest host Chris Pastras is back in the studio.  He’s hanging out with today’s guest, legendary skater Steve Steadham along with Steadham Skate Industries team skater, Brandon Read. Also, we slap on some neon spandex and go retro at Quiksilver’s 80’s Vert Contest with Tony Hawk and a flock of skateboarding’s most iconic riders.  Plus, the experimental, spastic and always kinetic sounds of The Mae Shi will have you running to your grave with a smile on your face. Brandon Read’s sponsors include: Steadham Skate Industries, Urban Footwear, Ek5obition Clothing, Active, Silver Trucks and Ninja.  Steve Steadham’s sponsors include: Steadham Skate Industries, Urban Footwear, Tech Deck, Independent Trucks and S-ONE Helmets.

Stacy Peralta – Tuesday 1.27.09

Chris Pastras wraps up his hosting gig for the week with legendary skater, co-founder of Powell Peralta, and world class director, Stacy Peralta. They talk all things skate, and get an in depth look at Stacy’s new documentary “Crips and Bloods: Made In America”. Plus, correspondent Karl Watson rolls over to downtown LA with P Rod for the Hood Games. Stacy Peralta’s sponsors include: Vans, Sak-Up and Powell-Peralta.

Anthony Amedori, Graham Elwood and musical guest Crystal Antlers – Wednesday 1.28.09

Today’s guest is the star of Fuel TV’s upcoming film “Machotaildrop”, skater Anthony Amedori hits the Habit.  Also, comedian Graham Elwood stops by the studio to talk about his experience in Iraq, and his mission to find US soldiers who shred.  Plus, the mischievous rockers known as Crystal Antlers are driving up from the LBC to give a spellbinding live performance on the Snickers Sound Stage.  Anthony Amedori’s sponsors include: Creature (flow), C1rca (flow), Val Surf and Independent.

James Pribram, David Faustino and John Lehr – Thursday 1.29.09

Today, eco warrior James Pribram is back on the Habit to talk about his upcoming FUEL TV Firsthand.  Plus, actor David Faustino cruises by to talk about his hilarious new web series.  Also, comedian John Lehr from the show “10 Items or Less” drops by the studio.  James Pribram’s sponsors include: Lost, XS Energy Drink and Boost Mobile.

Dion Agius, Ashley Eckstein and musical guest Glasvegas – Friday 1.30.09

Today’s guest is SUPER co-founder and Australian surfer, Dion Agius.  Plus, the Scottish rockers of Glasvegas, who have been making waves across America, are bringing us a live performance from the Snickers Sound Stage.  Also, Jordan Morris covers the finals of the 2008 Pipeline Masters competition.  Dion Agius’ sponsors include: Globe, Anon, Super Surfboards, Rockstar Energy, Vestal Watch, Blackline and FCS

This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update with Boost Mobile: we have complete coverage of the Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland. Kevin Pearce and Kelly Clark win the superpipe, while Danny Davis and Lisa Wiik win the slopestyle.

In other snow news, Volcom held its Peanut Butter & Rail Jam series and Daniel Brown and Melissa Evins won.

In surf news, Pauline Ado and Kai Barger win the Billabong World Juniors.

In skate news, D Day is held in Brazil and Ronaldo “Bobino” Gomes wins the amateur contest, and the pros show off for the crowd.

The Westside Skateshop wins the Red Bull Battleship.

New Era and DC recently honored Danny Way with a signature hat. 

In wakeboarding news, we get the scoop on the System 2.0 wakepark project.

And in the Weekly Update one-on-one interview, Greg Lutzka talks about his take on competition.

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