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Burton Boosts Sales With Personalized Product Recommendations From richrelevance

January 26, 2009

Burton Boosts Sales With Personalized Product Recommendations From richrelevance
Leading Sports Retailer Successfully Implements richrecs in Less Than 4 Weeks; Personalized Recommendations Are Driving Almost 25% of Total Sales on

richrelevance™, the leading provider of next-generation personalized product recommendations that enhance the shopping experience and drive sales, today announced that Burton Snowboards has launched richrecs™ on richrecs was successfully implemented in less than four weeks and is driving almost 25% of overall site sales.

“Burton customers don’t follow the pack. They demand the best quality snowboarding products that suit their unique style, skills and personality. It was natural that Burton wanted to provide its online customers with the most highly personalized product recommendations possible,” said Justin Olson, Head of eCommerce at Burton Snowboards. “richrelevance not only delivered on this promise, which significantly increased sales and materially improved the customer experience on day one, but did so in only four weeks and in a way that wholly exceeded our expectations of a professional services team.”

Burton, which previously displayed static recommendations based on in-house data for top sellers, realized its customers wanted a more personalized shopping experience. But the company did not want to deploy costly, cumbersome personalization technologies that required extensive IT resources and offered no guarantee of real results. Instead, Burton decided to join Sears and other top retailers by working with richrelevance for its advanced recommendations technology, superior professional services, and robust SaaS infrastructure that currently delivers an average of 100 million product recommendations a day.

Faced with a tight deployment deadline, Burton worked with the richrelevance professional services team to develop and execute a rapid implementation plan based on proven best practices. The team ensured that richrecs seamlessly integrated into Burton’s existing technology platform, and was optimized for maximum conversion and sales lift while providing an enhanced shopping experience. Burton had immediate access to detailed program analytics and reporting through richrelevance’s web-based dashboard.

“Burton is the leading brand for snowboarders, and they knew that they would connect more deeply with their customers by making the shopping experience more relevant,” said David Selinger, CEO of richrelevance. “In these rocky economic times, retailers need to focus their efforts on technology implementations that drive a real, measurable increases in sales, conversion, and return visits – and personalized product recommendations from richrelevance are one of the best ways for leaders like Burton to do that.”

In order to provide the right set of recommendations to online shoppers, richrelevance analyzes dozens of shopping behaviors and data inputs in real-time, including previous purchases, key search terms, and specific product preferences. As shoppers navigate through a richrecs-enhanced web site, they are presented with the most relevant products that suit their needs, style, and purchase intent in each moment. With richrecs, recommendations automatically adapt throughout the shopping experience based on a customer’s real-time behavior – not just their past purchases – driving measurable improvements in conversion and greatly enhancing the customer experience.