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Smith Optics Shuffles Deck

February 5, 2009

Smith Optics Shuffles Deck
Marketing Department Reorganizes

Flying in the face of the lean market mentality, Smith Optics has made some decisive changes to their in-house roster of promotions managers, fattening up the marketing department with fresh blood, proven experience, and a progressive view of promotional and marketing opportunities.

Reviving an old position and adding a new one, is Cory Smith transitioning from his post of eight years as Smith’s snowboard promotions manager to assuming the reigns of senior promotions manager and media/online content manager.  Cory has built the Smith snowboard team, media presence, and on-mountain programs into an authentic and well-rounded institution which has deep roots and respect in the industry.  This piece of clay is being lovingly handed to current surf promotions manager, JP Collett.  Collett has been on the surf scene for Smith since September  of 2007  and comes to the snow side of the sport as a former Smith snowboard grom himself.

“This is a dream come to true to be able to work within the two sports that have defined my life. Smith has given me so much and I am super motivated to elevate Smith’s presence in the snow world another notch.  And I heard chicks dig snow promotions managers, so when the offer came across the table I didn’t even wait for the ink to dry.”

As Collett takes over a bulk of team management and promotions duties, Smith will continue to be an integral part of the presence of the Smith snow team but will also be pursuing new projects for Smith Optics.  “This is a good time in my career to take on new challenges and working with our individual promotions managers as well as creating content for our media needs is a combination of my passions.  We have an ultimate goal of taking the Smith promotions program and reinventing the wheel to best take advantage of what is happening in our world today.”

“Both Cory and JP are extremely talented guys and this move will allow each of them to pursue their passions and capitalize on their specific skill sets.  Cory’s sports marketing experience and respect within the industry is an asset that will benefit both Smith and the other promotions managers as he assumes the senior role.  His multi-media, cinematography, and editing skills will finally be his focus, which is his wish and our dream.  JP has been simply incredible as surf promotions manager, and is really establishing Smith on the surf map.  He is a natural at connecting with all of our athletes from the top guns to the groms that make it happen locally.  His intelligence, humility, and search for the next good time will be something all our snowboard athletes and partners will appreciate, and I can’t wait for him to put his fingerprint on our snow program as he’s done in surf.”