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Ambiguous Set to Launch Spring '09

February 10, 2009

Ambiguous Set to Launch Spring '09

About Ambiguous - Since day one, Ambiguous clothing has been devoted to the street culture market by producing specific clothing and accessories geared towards skateboarding, Art and Music. Our focus is, has always been, and will always be on creations that are inspired and designed by committed artists, athletes and Musicians.

Clothing - Along with our staple Denim and Flannels, Ambiguous is offering a special Artist Series tee program The 4A “Ambiguous Addicted Artists Association.” The Artist Series will feature photographers and artist from around the world. There are so many possibilities when the artist is given free reign to express themselves as they want.

Advertising - Ambiguous will be doing a big advertising push in ‘09. We will be placing style/image ad’s in Vice and Vapors
And running our skate team in every major skateboarding magazine including Transworld, Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder and Automatic.

Marketing Direction: Street art including photographer, video maker, designer, drawer, painter and heavly influenced by skateboarding and music.

Zine - Ambiguous will also be publishing a zine this year. It will include photos of our skate team, Artist and lifestyle. We really want to push the image of the brand and we believe this zine will show case the vibe and feel of what Ambiguous is. This will be distributed to all our accounts.

Target Consumer : Men between 14 - 28 interesting in Subculture, Street Art, Music and Core Sports with an emphasis on skateboarding. They want to be fashionable and trendsetters by wearing Ambiguous. High quality of the product is a commitment to the brand and the final Ambiguous consumers.

Brand Vision - Sponsoring and Riders: Ambiguous is looking for extraordinary people, riders, trendsetters, musicians, artist, etc... Regarding the riders, they will bring the the brand it’s skateboarding credibility at the professional and Amateur level.

Website - The new website will be absolutely international with all the Ambiguous information, news, photos, videos,
products and riders keeping the consumer totally informed.

Art Shows - We’ll be show casing our artists through a variety of Art Shows starting with our “Artists Paddles Exhibition”
Which is touring Europe and coming over to the US for some exclusive shows.

The History - The story of Ambiguous started in the mid 90’as with the simple idea of “How to make a living doing something
that makes you happy”. In this case, making clothing your friends want to wear. All our friends seamed to either be Artists, Musicians, Skateboarders, Snowboarders or Surfers. So that’s what we based the company on. The raw, fresh clothes gained an underground following within the southern California skateboarding community and would eventually attract Japanese kids and the attention of the business world. In 2005 Ambiguous’ move to a new location at “Rays Apparel” giving the company freedom to expand there line and begin creating synergy around the growing brand. In 2009 Ambiguous was on the move again this time to it’s own faculty to create an artistic work environment and creative hot spot for the brand to grow. Once moved into the new location in Santa Ana the brand has brought in several new Artist and talented Athletes to make the brand stronger than ever. “The future of Ambiguous is simply good clothing, good friends and good times ” -Brian Young.