Industry News 2/24/2009

Oxbow Back To Powder: A Backcountry Contest By the Riders For the Riders

”Oxbow Back To Powder: A Backcountry Contest By the Riders For the Riders”

Oxbow has been rolling out with high performance outerwear for backcountry since1986. In its continuing support for the backcountry experience, Oxbow created a perfect outlet for the riders to take it back to the roots. Recently, the Oxbow Back To Powder event was an awesome breakthrough that exemplified the brand’s creativity and commitment to snowboarding and freeskiing. The event was held on Feb 1st -7th in the eco-friendly ski area of Arêches Beaufort, a place known by the best Backcountry riders in Europe.

With the help of pro snowboarder Christoph Weber (Austria) and pro freeskier Laurent Favre (France), Oxbow gathered some of the best riders from all over the world for a six-day contest.

“Since the beginning of the winter I helped to organize this special event together with Laurent Favre and Oxbow. We were all super motivated for a sick week of riding and good times on the mountains of Arêches Beaufort. All was well planed and the Riders list was promising. Not only really good athletes, but also Skiers and Snowboarders who share the spirit for the Mountain and the Sport. Unfortunately, the 2nd Oxbow Back To Powder didn’t see much powder this year, but it saw an action packed week with tons of smiling faces, Skiers and Snowboarders together, Freestylers and Freeriders together. I couldn't ask for any better”, says Austrian pro snowboarder Christoph Weber.

In this competition the riders themselves were given free rein to create their own terrain that they then competed and judged each other’s performances on. There has however been no official winner this year. After the accident of one of the competitors, Oxbow decided to split the 15,000 € prize money into 16, which was warmly welcomed by all the riders. This gesture showed the amazing team spirit shared during the Oxbow Back To Powder 2009.

Oxbow's long-standing presence in snow continues to be strengthened by event concepts like “Back To Powder” and backed by an amazing team of the some of the best freestyle and backcountry riders in Europe.

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About Oxbow: Since its creation in 1985, Oxbow has catered to a broad market within the field of board riding sports. With its pre-eminence in lifestyle fashion, Oxbow’s philosophy embraces the combination of technology, creativity and innovation. Offering a wide range of products to countries throughout the world, Oxbow surfs between the oceans and mountains; two elements the brand has always explored. You can find Oxbow gear and apparel at their newly opened flagship store in Santa Monica on 131 Broadway.