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IPATH’s Skate Team Continues To Follow Its Unique Path in 2009

March 24, 2009

IPATH’s Skate Team Continues To Follow Its Unique Path in 2009

As IPATH continues to push forward in 2009 it’s backed by one of the most eclectic teams in modern skateboarding.   With a team that includes guys who’ve been a part since the start, contest talent and uber-ams, IPATH’s skateboard crew is one of the most diverse around.  Here’s what just some of the guys have been up to:

Don’t call it a comeback, but Jersey’s Fred Gall continues his resurgence on wood and urethane.  On special assignment in Miami, Fred’s been testing the re-work of his IPATH pro-model and working on getting some new footage in an undisclosed FLA location.

Kenny Reed has been everywhere from Cali to Kazakhstan lately and has a fistful of plane tickets to prove it.  Watch for Kenny’s upcoming interview in the next Kingpin Magazine and a hefty part in the long-awaited new Rasa Libre video.

Matt Rodriguez continues to represent IPATH to the fullest.  A member of the Stereo Sound Agency’s Classics division, Matt’s a living legend on the IPATH crew.  Soon Matt will be heading out on a music tour of Japan with John Cardiel and showing off his ridiculously loose trucks to anyone that cares to check them out.  If you thought your trucks were loose, compare them to these:

It’s hard to keep up with everything going on in Bob Burnquist’s life.  From traveling to pool comps to international events in Australia, Brazil and beyond, Bob continues to bring IPATH to new levels.  Bob has two shoes on IPATH now in constructions that include full hemp, leather and hybrid combinations.  He is working on his finishing touches for his video part in Flip’s upcoming “Extremely Sorry”.

Richie Jackson has a bag of tricks like no other.  Richie’s IPATH video on YouTube has been picked up all over in less than two weeks and he’ll be making his way to the States very soon.  Until then, check out what Richie has been throwing down here:

In addition to these guys, IPATH pros Adam Alfaro, Nilton Neves, Matt Pailes, Adelmo Jr. and Jack Sabback are all still in the game and popping up all over.  From international excursions to FuelTV’s “Built to Shred” gnar, the entire IPATH pro-team is getting it done.

IPATH’s ams aren’t slacking either.  Aaron “Jaws” Homoki just had a “Checkout” in Skateboarder Magazine, was featured on and is currently on tour in Australia.  Houston shredder Ben Raybourn continues to make noise with the 1031 team and just returned from some Bondi Bowl destruction in Australia.  Danny Dicola is on injured reserve, but killing the coverage nonetheless and will be seen in the new Slave video.

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