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Board-Trac Research Reveals Must-Have Data for Snowboard Companies

March 25, 2009

Board-Trac Research Reveals Must-Have Data for Snowboard Companies

Includes Spending, Frequency of Purchase and Snowboarder Profiles

Board-Trac, Inc, announced today that its 2008 Snowboarding Study has been published and can be purchased on it's web site The Snowboarding study examines shopping and spending habits, core sport and cross-over sport participation, as well as influences on hardgoods and softgoods buying decisions, and lifestyle.

In addition, the study addressed price points for both hard and soft goods, where purchases were made - stores, catalog or online, influences that drive brand purchasing decisions, segmentations by age and gender, media habits, music, game playing and other information designed to provide manufacturers, retailers and other organizations targeting this segment with insight into this ever-changing market.

The study includes results from 1,158 surveys completed in December 2008 by snowboarders ranging in age from 12 - 45 years of age, 80% of whom snowboard 11+ days per season.  Participants were from all over the world with the majority of participants from the United States and Canada. Results include favorite snowboard brands, influences on purchase decisions for boards, boots and bindings; and where equipment is purchased. Softgoods such as T-shirts, jeans, shoes, outerwear, watches and sunglasses are also included in the study.

"The goal of our vertical Board-Trac studies is to provide information focused on core participants in these board sports," said Angelo Ponzi, co-founder and President of Board-Trac. "Gaining a better understanding of a participants' needs, wants, motivations and influences, allows our subscribers to better target their marketing efforts to their core customers."

The Board-Trac Snowboarding Report is now available and is priced at $1,650. Other studies available from Board-Trac include our 2008 Annual Skateboarding, Surfing, Quarterly Retail Reports and Size of Market Reports.

For more information on Board-Trac�s products and marketing services, please contact Angelo Ponzi at 949-858-9095, e-mail [email protected], or visit the web site at

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