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Cary Hart Appears in Music Video

April 5, 2009

Cary Hart Appears in Music Video

Cary Hart, The Man behind Hart and Huntington and the creator of the deadly "HART ATTACK" FMX Move has surfaced as a Cop! a COP? Yes a Cop in Big B's new video called "SINNER" from the infamous Suburban Noize Record label.
Also featured in the video is a very hot chick and Scott Russo from Unwritten Law.

In the Video Cary takes his supreme skills to another level as "Video Actor" What's next "Days of Our Lives?"

This song is from Big B's new record which is getting major Radio Airplay and the video has been submitted to major and cable TV outlets. It is also getting some good rankings on viral sites.

Click here to watch

NOTE TO ACTION SPORTS MEDIA: For copy of video to post on websites, license free, contact:

[email protected]