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Burton Relaunches World Class Indoor Terrain Park for 2009 Summer Season in Beijiing, China

April 20, 2009

Burton Relaunches World Class Indoor Terrain Park for 2009 Summer Season in Beijiing, China
Burton’s snowboarding activities in China move indoors for summer

After a successful winter season, Burton refuses to rest with the summer 2009 re-launch of The Burton Qiaobo Mellow Park, Beijing’s only year-round indoor snowboard park.

Together with the country’s top park firm Mellow Parks and state-of-the-art indoor ski resort Qiaobo Ice & Snow World, the park will continue to provide for China’s dedicated snowboard community – 365 days a year!

“The park was really successful last year, and we’re stoked to be working with Burton to continue this fun project,” comments Steve Zdarsky, Mellow Parks CEO. “China in general had a great winter snowboard season, with more and more locals getting into the sport. Based on the big turnout at today’s grand opening, it looks like I’m not the only one who is excited about continuing to snowboard through the summer!”

The Burton Qiaobo Mellow Park officially opened for the summer 2009 season today with the Great Burton Qiaobo Mellow Park Summer 2009 Grand Opening. One of China’s most famous snowboarders & Burton pro rider Wang Lei was on hand to commemorate the re-launch, pulling 7’s, 5’s and rodeo combos all over the show - obviously stoked to be shredding again! “It’s great to see so many people out here enjoying the park – the kickers are great, the snow is nice and everyone is ripping it!” He was right about that, as both China’s amateur and professional riders proceeded to demonstrate just what this park is made for over a one-hour jam session. Rail ninja Li Jie (Jay) was throwing down all sorts of steezy switch-ups and combos on the boxes, while Hewei was spinning and flipping off almost everything. Other well-known locals X-fox, Zhang Wei, Xiao William, Perry and Fan Lei were also ripping it up, pleasing both the crowd and themselves alike!

This summer the park will play host to a number of events including the Burton King of the Park competition and the Great Grab Off! Not only that, but it’s frequently maintained and shreddable every single day! The park is located just outside Beijing, conveniently accessible by bus. Check for more info including how to get there, pictures and daily updates.