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Kut From A Different Cloth Design Contest - $10,000 At Stake!

April 30, 2009

Kut From A Different Cloth Design Contest - $10,000 At Stake!
Deadline May 15, 2009

The KFADC Contest challenges all fashion designers to show off their design talents.  Read the rules, register, submit and vote.

Powered by Hypebeast and Scion, KFADC is looking for top fashion designers and graphic mavens to use its apparel templates as the canvas for their most amazing designs.  The prizes for the four best designs are HUGE!

KFADC provides two ways to enter the contest: (1) use their site's tools to design cool products for contest submission, or (2) download the design files, rock your artistry on your CPU, and then upload the designs to the site.  Either way, they want to see your creations.  Visitors to the site will vote for designs considering originality, strength of the image and color scheme.  Voters will select the top 30 designs. From there, judges will select four grand prize winners based on the same criteria as the voters - and please come correct.  Get it crackin'.  Click the flyer below for more details!