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IPATH Supports Midwest Shops and Scenes On the Routes Tour

May 1, 2009

IPATH Supports Midwest Shops and Scenes On the Routes Tour

The crew at IPATH knows that skateboarding has no boundaries.  To help support some of the local scenes across the Midwest, IPATH is loading up the van and going on the Routes Tour.

Beginning on May 9, Fred Gall, Adam Alfaro, Nilton Neves, Jack Sabback, Jaws and Ben Raybourn will be cruising the Midwest with long-time IPATH rep Pete Harvieux, on a five-day demo of destruction.  The tour is taking place to support some of the many Midwest shops and scenes that have shown love for the IPATH family in the past.

“Skateboarding is alive and well outside of SoCal and it’s important we stay in touch with scenes across the country,” commented IPATH’s Dave Smith.  “I’m excited to hit the road with the team to check out some spots and connect with people that support what IPATH has going on.”

In addition to the team, IPATH is bringing along Thad and Matt Price to document everything that goes down through video and pictures.  Anyone looking to catch up with the guys at unscheduled stops while on tour or suggest a spot, should hit IPATH on their Twitter feed @IPATHfootwear.  Video clips from the tour start trickling into the IPATH YouTube site later this month.

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