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IPATH Rolls Forward with BMX Team

May 14, 2009

IPATH Rolls Forward with BMX Team

IPATH would like to announce the formation of their first ever BMX team.  Led by Mike Ardelean, the new BMX team is comprised of a tight group of riders with their own unique styles.

“Adding a BMX team into the mix is a natural extension for IPATH.  A lot of our skate and surf guys are known for taking some unique lines. The guys we’re bringing into the family through BMX are known for having distinct styles, which makes them a perfect fit for our crew,” said IPATH team manager Dave Smith. 

Joining Mike on the IPATH BMX crew includes such notables as Jim Bauer, Brian Yeagle, Dave Thompson and Andrew Jackson.

Team Background:

Mike Ardelean:  Michigan native Mike Ardelean is a longtime BMX pro and personality. He now lives in Los Angeles and rides for Verde and Odyssey. He is also the creative force behind upstart apparel brand Lavar.

Jim Bauer: Jim Bauer graduated from Syracuse and came to Los Angeles from New York with no intention of ever becoming a pro BMXer. As he gained notoriety as an art director and artist, it also became apparent that Jim just so happened to kill it on a BMX bike too. Without even trying he landed himself sponsors with Metal Bikes, Odyssey parts, Lavar clothing, Quintin headwear and now IPATH.

Brian Yeagle:  IPATH couldn’t be IPATH without some East Coast flavor and Brian brings the cold weather riding from CT. Everyone knows Brian by reputation, but very few have seen the magic. With his spot on the Verde Bikes team and the upcoming release of Anthem 2, that will change drastically. He has been traveling far and wide to collect footage for this video and it is highly anticipated. But while everyone's at the premiere party, Brian might out taking photographs, or at home reading a book about wildlife. 

Dave Thompson:  Dave rides for Verde Bikes and comes from one of the most impressive and underrated BMX scenes in the US, Salt Lake City. SLC is known for breeding BMX legends and Dave is on his way. His riding style is pure power and like many on the skate team, he can ride whatever is put in front of him.

Andrew Jackson:  You wouldn’t know it from his rusted out bike, but Andrew’s known for having a super clean style has gained him much popularity, as well as sponsorships from We The People and Lavar, seemingly without any effort at all. Andrew and his crew use a private set of dirt trails north of LA as training grounds before launching assaults on the streets and parks of Southern California.

Watch for more updates coming from IPATH soon, including new product drops, footage from recent trips to Thailand and the Midwest, as well as highlights from Pat Millin’s surf trip to the Arctic Circle.