Industry News 5/14/2009

Project BLUE Launches Contest to Spur Consumer Interest in Eco-Selections at Retail

Project BLUE Launches Contest to Spur Consumer Interest in Eco-Selections at Retail

To build awareness of eco-minded products at the retail level and drive consumers into brick-and-mortar surf shops, project BLUE has launched the “Show Us Your Blue” contest. The “Show Us Your Blue” contest was designed to support both the project BLUE brand partners and traditional retail channels, by driving participants into their local surf shops to seek out project BLUE merchandise and at the same time, give the staff on the floor the opportunity to interact with customers interested in environmentally friendly products.

Project BLUE is a collaboration between seven leading and competitive brands in the surf industry, where part of the proceeds from the co-branded product line go on to support the non-profit Surfrider Foundation.  The brands behind project BLUE recognize that without clean oceans and strong retail support, the entire surf industry will suffer.

Announced to consumers earlier this week via project BLUE’s MySpace and Facebook sites, participation in the “Show Us Your Blue” contest is as simple as taking two pictures and sending an email. 

One photo needs to be of the entrant in front of a brick-and-mortar retailer that carries merchandise by any of the seven project BLUE partners, with some sort of signage in the background that identifies the store itself (a full rundown of the brands participating in project BLUE is available online at  While the shop does not need to carry any specific project BLUE merchandise, it does need to carry at least one product by one of the seven project BLUE partners.

The second photo needed for entry has to be of the same person from the first photo, inside the same retail location shown in the first photo, standing next to or holding a piece of merchandise that is a part of the project BLUE lineup.  If the retailer does not carry project BLUE specific products, the entrant needs to submit a picture of themselves making a face that shows their disappointment. 

All participants will need to email their photos to in one email message, which must also include the retailer’s name, phone number, web address and physical address.  Entries must be received by 11:59 pm PST on June 9, 2009.

“To be successful, the marketing of environmentally conscious products can’t stop on the brand level, it needs to extend through the reps and down to the retail floor as well,” commented Vipe Desai, founder of the project BLUE initiative and a member of the Surfrider Foundation’s national board of directors. “With this contest, we’re bringing consumers into retail stores looking for eco-friendly gear and if they can’t find it, hopefully they’ll ask a salesperson for assistance.”

While the products that represent project BLUE are best in class for each brand,
there have been times in the past where consumers have emailed project BLUE saying they can’t find a particular product in stores. In the case of submissions where an entrant either could not find project BLUE product at a local retailer or the retailer simply did not carry anything from the line, representatives from project BLUE will pass along the shop’s information to the brands involved for follow-up.

“Seven leading brands are involved in project BLUE and it’s unlikely that a surf shop does not carry at lease one of the initiative’s partners,” continued Desai.  “If a contest participant asks someone at a shop for help finding project BLUE gear and they can’t engage them about project BLUE or similar merchandise they may carry, then they’re blowing it.”

Two entries will be selected at random to win project BLUE prize packs, comprised of select merchandise from the project BLUE lineup.  Only one entry per person, limited to residents of the United States.  Complete rules can be found online at the project BLUE MySpace page ( and Facebook page (