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Rasa Libre Launches New Website

June 24, 2009

Rasa Libre Update: New Website Live | Video Coming Soon | Kevin Mitchell Heads Up National Sales Program

With the arrival of Summer Rasa Libre is rolling harder than ever.  The crew have been busy for the past few months putting together a brand new web site, filming for the upcoming Rasa Libre video, designing products and skating like mad, all to bring you the most creative, ethical and soulful products available.

First up, Rasa is putting the finishing touches on its brand new web site. This is not just a few patches, it’s a BRAND NEW SITE that includes retailer locater, news, video clips, team profiles and links to friends and family.

Of course launching our site would not be complete without some new product to go along with all of the excitement. Brand new decks, t-shirts, wheels, clothing and accessories are all in stock and available at your local shops now. For shop and product info, visit

Rasa has also been working hard on the sales side of things and has recently brought Kevin Mitchell (DLX, IPATH, DC) on board to head up their National Sales Program. Kevin and Matt have worked together during Matt’s days at Real Skateboards and then again at Ipath so he is a great addition to the Rasa Libre family.

Visit for all the latest happeinings.