Industry News 7/8/2009

B$Z: Oxbow Hawaii Brings New Business to Hawaiian Islands

Oxbow Hawaii Brings New Business to Hawaiian Islands

Worldwide surf wear brand, Oxbow, is creating a new division in the U.S., Oxbow Hawaii. Since its creation in 1985, Oxbow has served a specific market within the field of board riding sports, and has over 80 sponsored riders tackling the best waves on the planet. Eight of those riders reside in the state of Hawaii. Among these riders are Laird Hamilton, extreme surfer and inspired inventor of big wave tow surfing, along with Duane DeSoto and Dave Kalama. With its focus in sport fashion, Oxbow bases its fundamentals on open-mindedness, both human and technological, and on exploring new territories, creativity and innovation.  A chic style focused on fashion with a sports twist, Oxbow Hawaii is in the process of developing new business in Hawaii, and has plans to have the brand in many stores state-wide by early next year. 

Oxbow is committed to noticeably improving the impact of its products on the environment. Thirty percent of the current collection is produced in a sustainable manner, with a goal to have that percentage increase to 50 percent by the end of next year.  

Oxbow believes in the development of a better, fairer world for today and tomorrow by working on efforts to develop initiatives in the field of environment, solidarity, sport and culture. In Hawaii, Oxbow supports Na Kama Kai, ( an non-profit organization founded by Oxbow rider, Duane DeSoto. Na Kama Kai is devoted to empowering Hawaii’s youth by creating, conducting and supporting ocean-based programs, in order to increase the capacity of youth in the community through cultural & environmental education.