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July 13, 2009

Atwater joins Malakye Trivia and is giving away a pair of trunks every week of July.  Click here to take a shot at this month's question!
Jetpilot Trivia Winner Announced!
Jetpilot dials in Scott Rittenhouse from Fountain Valley, Calif., with a new long-sleeve vest, trunks, sandals, tees, hats, towels and more for correctly answering July's Malakye Trivia.

Jetpilot's Question: "Technology Changes Everything" is the tag line supporting Jet Pilot's new Crown Jewel Rideshorts. What new technology are they referring to?
Answer: Neoprene liner.
Jetpilot's neoprene-lined Crown Jewel trunks and long-sleeve vest will keep Scott toasty for those chilly summer mornings.  Congrats!

Spin Imaging, a leader in large-format printing, is upping the ante for prospective and current customers. Visit Spin, figure out the details of your next large format print project or check on work in production, skate the mini. Beat Erik Bond, head of Spin, in a game of S.K.A.T.E. and then get your discount! That's right, Erik's offering up a 10% discount to anyone who can beat him in a game of skate, and if he wins, well, you loose the game, but still get some of the best work available. Erik's motivation, "It's just not healthy to sit on your ass all day, so we put this in for all the "Desk guys," said Bond, creative mastermind for Spin. "A sesh or 2 throughout the day keeps the blood flowin."
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B$Z: Oxbow Hawaii Brings New Business to Hawaiian Islands
WORLD: Source Job Agency at Bright Tradeshow
TEAM: New Kids On The POP
July 13, 2009

Podium Distribution |
Torrance, Calif. | Operations Analyst (Apparel)

i.e. Distribution | Costa Mesa, Calif. | Footwear Designer

Oakley | Foothill Ranch, Calif. | Print Coordinator

Oakley | Foothill Ranch, Calif. | Traffic Specialist

Reef | Carlsbad, Calif. |
"3" positions:
Sr Men's Footwear Designer
Apparel Designer (Boardshorts)
Apparel Developer

Price Point | Gardena
, Calif. | "3" positions:
Bicycle Product / Specification Manager
Product Buyer
Marketing & Sales Assistant

Vans Retail | Orlando, Fla. | Assistant Store Manager

July 10, 2009

Zumiez | Everett
, Wash. | Product Development / Technical Design Assistant

O'Neill Clothing| Irvine, Calif. | Graphic Designer (Boardshorts)

O'Neill | Irvine, Calif. | Associate Merchandiser (Men's)

A Confidential Apparel Company | Orange County, Calif. | Customer Service / Sales Support Person

Sole Tech | Lake Forest, Calif. |
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Oakley | Foothill Ranch, Calif. | Developer 1 Footwear

Orage Ski | Longueuil, QC Canada | Web Designer

A Confidential Company | Newport Beach, Calif. | VP of Finance and Global Operations

A Confidential Hard Goods Company | Southern California | Controller

Quiksilver Retail | Toronto, ON Canada | Supervisor

July 9, 2009

Oakley | Foothill Ranch, Calif. | Merchandising Manager (Technical Outerwear)

Ocean Current | Vernon, Calif. | Production, QA & Compliance Manager

Creative Recreation | West Hollywood, Calif. | Production Coordinator

Sole Tech | Lake Forest, Calif. | Printables Product Developer / Technical Designer

Zumiez | Everett, Wash. | Human Resources Generalist

Bioworld Merchandising | Irving, Texas | Product Designer

EVS Sports | Rancho Dominguez, Calif. | Head of Product Design

Fox Head | Irvine, Calif. | Juniors Art & Graphic Director

A Confidential Company | Laguna Hills, Calif. | Product Designer

A Confidential Company | Laguna Hills, Calif. | Production Manager (Motorcycle Products)

Girl Skateboard Company | Torrance, Calif. | National Sales Manager

H2O Audio | San Diego, Calif. | Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Volcom | Costa Mesa, Calif. | Web Production Artist

Volcom | Costa Mesa, Calif. | Fit Model

July 8, 2009

DNA Distribution | Dayton, Ohio | Sales Manager

Gregory Mountain Products | Sacramento, Calif. | Customer Service Manager

A Confidential Eco-friendly Apparel Company | Petaluma, Calif. | National Sales Manager

Verdant Vantage | Chino, Calif. | Sales Manager

The La Jolla Group | Irvine, Calif. | Retail Compliance Coordinator

Oakley | Foothill Ranch, Calif. | Marketing Content Admin

Rip Curl Retail | Huntington Beach, Calif. | Store Manager

July 7, 2009

A Confidential Company | Irvine, Calif. |
Operations Manager

Sole Tech | Lake Forest, Calif. | "3" openings"
Trend Specialist (Footwear)
Retail Marketing Manager
Senior Apparel Designer (Emerica)

Lucy Activewear | Portland, Ore. | Senior Apparel Designer

One Distribution | Santa Ana, Calif. | Accounts Receivable Specialist

Ocean Current | Vernon, Calif. | Graphic Designer

Stereo Skateboards | Los Angeles, Calif. | Marketing & Team Coordinator

Yamaha | Cypress, Calif. | ATV & SXS Product Trainer

For all the latest jobs, visit
If you are an established Sales Rep and you're interested in getting the word on available lines before it hits the streets, send us an email: [email protected]!   Don't forget to include your name, e-mail and territory!

Every position listed below is COMMISSION ONLY.

NEW!  Republik Apparel
Outside Sales Reps - Rockies, SoCal, NorCal, NE, Mid-Atlantic
Hippy Tree
Outside Sales Reps - Mid-Atlantic, South East/Florida, Mid West, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico and Rocky Mountains
Outside Sales Reps - Southwest, South, Mid-Atlantic & Florida
Independent Sales Rep - Northern California

Fox Head, Inc.
Outside Sales Reps (MX) - MD, Harrisburg PA Metro, E. VA
Fox Head, Inc.
Outside Sales Reps (MX) - NJ, Philly PA Metro, DE

Outdoor Technology
Outside Sales Reps - Multiple Territories

Rasa Libre
Outside Sales Reps - Pacific NW, Rockies, SoCal & Southeast
Ripper Skateboards
Independent Sales Reps - Multiple Territories in Canada & U.S.
ASF Distribution Inc.
Independent Sales Reps - Multiple Territories

Point Conception
Independent Sales Reps - U.S. & Canada
Independent Sales Rep - NC, SC, VA, MD & DE

DC Shoes
Independent Sales Rep - South East Territories

Pleasure Ground Eyewear
Independent Sales Reps - Northern Ca, Pacific NW, Mid Atlantic , North East
Oakley (Surf, Skate, Snow)
Outside Sales Rep - Virginia, North and South Carolina
Oakley (Golf)
Outside Sales Rep (Golf) - Southeast / Texas
Melton now has Christine on board as its new Purchasing Manager.
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