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WEB: Is Exactly What You Think It Is

July 22, 2009 Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Tired of bidding on EBay for a new board? Having a hard time navigating through the Craigslist “sporting” clutter as you search for that vintage single fin? Need an affordable place to couch surf on the North Shore? Getting pressured by the parents/wife/bill collectors to sell some of that old gear you’ve been accumulating over the years? Ladies and Gentlemen, bros and chicks, your situation is about to get a whole lot easier. Introducing BROSLIST, a brand new website tailor made for surfers, skaters and snowboarders. Whether you’re looking for a new thruster, a classic skate deck, a job at your local board shop, a ride to the beach or a date for the weekend, BROSLIST is the place for you.

Created by four longtime friends (that grew up surfing, skating and snowboarding together), BROSLIST fills a wide void in the action sports community. In addition to providing the most specific classifieds for action sports equipment, jobs and community needs, anyone (including women) can log on to BROSLIST to create their very own BROFILE---joining an elite community of bros (and chicks) who are already posting pictures, sharing videos, writing surf reports and using the BROFILE as their preferred platform to keep up with their bros.

Creating a BROFILE takes less than 5 minutes; it’s absolutely free and has countless applications. This feature works seamlessly with the classified section, allowing users to see what kind of bro they will be buying from, traveling with and possibly becoming bros with. The BROFILE can double as a private board shop or act as a screening process for vendors and buyers. It allows you to post pictures and videos from your latest session, communicate with your bros, or even reconnect with that hottie you met down at the beach or on the slopes a few weeks back.

Once you’ve created a BROFILE you are free to utilize everything BROSLIST has to offer.