Industry News 8/4/2009

EVENT: Fox Riders Take Home Six Medals at X Games 15

Fox Riders Take Home Six Medals at X Games 15
Team riders take home 3 Gold, 2 Silver & 1 Bronze

Blake Williams (Bilko) Grabs First Gold Medal of Career
Los Angeles, Calif. – Blake Williams’ ability to conquer pressure proved the difference between second place and winning the Moto X Freestyle gold medal at The Home Depot Center. Having just watched Jeremy Stenberg earn a third round 43 to create an overall score of 86, Blake Williams matched “Twitch” with a 43 of his own. Paired with an earlier 44, that was enough to give Williams an 87 and squeeze him just past Stenberg, earning the Australian rider his first career X Games gold. “I just had to throw it all out there and gather myself for the last one,”...Read More
Ricky Carmichael Wins Gold Medal in Moto X Step Up
Los Angeles, Calif. – Fighting their way to a contested tie, Ricky Carmichael and Ronnie Renner each won their second career gold medal in Moto X Step Up at X Games 15. The last riders standing with a 35-foot bar to clear, the X Games Sports and Competition Director decided that if both missed their allotted pair of attempts, they would each get one final chance in a single elimination. Neither was successful on their final try, but both were satisfied to share the glory. “I worked my tail off for that thing. I can’t believe that I finally won,” said Renner before e...Read More
Bilko Nabs Silver Medal in Moto X Best Trick
Los Angeles, Calif. – Blake Williams was given an 88.00 score and a silver medal for his “Flying Dutchman,” a 360 Indian Air trick. Spontaneously naming the trick at the post-event press conference, Williams explained how that same loose attitude helped him achieve podium success. “Tonight I came here and thought, ‘just stick my trick and let everyone else do what they’re gonna do,’ ” said Williams. “I’ll wait until tomorrow and then hopefully have more to celebrate.” Roll over to the...Read More
RC Wins Bronze for Best Whip
What a great day Thursday was at X. We had SX practice, FMX practice and the “Greatest of all Time” Ricky Carmichael won 2 medals. RC claimed the gold in Step Up which he shared with Ronnie Renner. RC second medal was a bronze in Best Whip. Today we have Best Trick with Bilko and we finish Saturday with the SX race and Freestyle final. More tomorrow and hopefully another medal to go with RC’s 2...Read More
Jessica Patterson Brings Home Silver in Moto X Womens Super X
Los Angeles, Calif. – Jessica Patterson led for the race’s majority, almost got the gold! “I knew Fiolek (who ultimately got Gold) was close and that it was going to be a battle with the slick track,” admitted Patterson. “I made little mistakes. I thought jumping the finish line jump was faster, but that’s where she passed me.” Despite finishing just short of her goal, Patterson was able to take pride in recognizing how she and her fellow riders were raising the profile of Women’s Moto X. “It means a lot. It’s getting us a lot of...Read More
Fox Athletes at X Games - Press, Autographs and More
Some other stuff going on during X Games while the team wasn't competing......Read More
WAY TO GO SCOTTY! Check out Ride BMX for full details, Fat Tony has his blog up with full deets on what went down. Here's the official news from ESPN: Cranmer Takes Second X Games Gold Los Angeles, Calif. – The X Games 15 BMX Freestyle Park Finals came down to a battle for first, between last year’s silver medalist Diogo Canina and four-time BMX park medalist Scotty Cranmer. Diogo Canina came out of the first round hot, pulling no handed flips and 360 flips in huge, near flawless runs that put him over 10 po...Read More