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B$Z: XSI Insurance Company Formed to Provide Affordable Coverage for Action Sports Participants

August 19, 2009

XSI Insurance Company Formed to Provide Affordable Coverage for Action Sports Participants

As participation in action sports grows and injuries become increasingly more common, athletes can now rely on a new service to offset the financial and mental stress of being injured. Xtreme Sports Insurance (XSI) is pleased to announce the first and only accident insurance coverage for action sports athletes in North America. This supplemental accident insurance is offered to any athlete that participates in ski, snow, wake, surf, skate, bike and other fields of action, combat or team sports.

From professionals and weekend warriors to adults and children, all levels of athletes are entitled to financial benefits as a result of injuries or accidents sustained from participating in action sports. With individual plans beginning at under $20 per month, athletes are reimbursed for typical out-of-pocket expenses associated with injuries when seeking medical treatment and rehabilitation.

XSI has partnered with a leading Fortune 1000 insurance company to provide a reliable resource for all levels action sports athletes. “It’s a big setback and inconvenience that not only keeps you off the hill when you have an injury, but it’s financially stressful,” says Robert Scott, founder and owner of XSI. “Most people think about insurance at some point when they’re pushing their physical limits, but a lot of people don’t know where to get insurance for these kind of sports. XSI makes it easy for anyone to buy reliable and affordable insurance when participating in action or extreme sports.”

This accident insurance is a long awaited service for professional athletes who depend on good health to do their job. “After years and years of patience, XSI has connected riders with the one need that hasn’t been met,” says professional snowboarder Pat Milbery, who recently signed on with XSI. “I hate living in fear, and when I ride without insurance, there is a constant fear eating at me. That’s something I just don’t want or need while I’m riding.” With the 2009-2010 winter season approaching, action sports participants can register for XSI plans and be covered with accident insurance just in time for snow.
Though not intended to replace major medical insurance, individual accident plans can help subsidize the out-of-pocket costs associated with seeking treatment for action sport-sustained injuries. Concurrent or prior medical insurance is not required to receive the benefits associated with XSI.

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