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Board-Trac Trend Report on Surfers

September 3, 2009

Board-Trac Trend Report on Surfers

New Board-Trac Study Identifies Latest Trends Among Surfers – Spening, Frequency of Purchase, and Profiles / Behaviors Included in Report

In his 2008 keynote address at the SIMA Surf Summit, one of Bob Hurley’s major points was that “companies need to relentlessly focus on consumers - they are our boss.”  For endemic and non-endemic companies understanding the target consumer is the key to success.  And, the nuances associated with that consumer.

Board-Trac’s current Annual Surf Report, published August 31st, gives the facts on this consumer market.  According to this year’s report, 58.5% of surfers are between the ages of 21 - 40 years of age.  This, once again supports the trend that Board-Trac has been reporting for the past several years: the surf market is aging.  As a result of this aging market there are opportunities for board builders, wetsuit manufacturers and clothing brands.  For example, over 58% indicated they ride both short and longboards.  This may represent an opportunity for surfboard companies.

The results of Board-Trac’s 2009 Surf Study also show the attributes that appeal to female surfers in their selection of a board are very different than their male counterparts. Understanding these differences can lead to better and more strategic marketing campaigns and promotional materials.

Overall, surf shops are the primary outlet for sales of wetsuits.  However, females are more likely than males to purchase a wetsuit from a sporting goods store.  With this report, savvy brands and others marketing to this consumer can better match their distribution strategies to the market.

Sales of clothes, shoes and accessories via the internet have increased 125% since 2006.  Over the past few years mass merchants and company branded stores are now competing for a share of the action sports consumer’s apparel dollar.  This report also shows shopping trends and favored destinations for both hard goods and softgoods.

 Companies targeting surfers or those influenced by the surfing lifestyle will find answers to all of these questions and much, much more in Board-Trac’s 2009 Annual Surfing Study.  Bottom line, in order to compete in this competitive market it’s imperative to understand the consumer. The dynamics have changed in this once-cottage industry and now surfing and the surf lifestyle consumer is being sought by both endemic and non-endemic companies.

The Board-Trac Surf Report is now available and is priced at $1,650 at in the E-store section.

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