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In4mation Hires Jeff Wright as National Sales Manager

September 9, 2009

In4mation Hires Jeff Wright as National Sales Manager

The founders of In4mation have found their new National Sales Manager.  In4mation welcomes Jeff Wright to the family and the In4mants are so happy to have someone like Jeff help shape and form the brand into what the crew envisions. 

Todd Shimabuku volunteers a blow-by-blow of how it came together:

Jeff and I went through numerous talks before the Magic tradeshow and with his sincerity for what we are doing we feel that he is going to be perfect for In4mation.  After meeting with Jeff and all the questions I had on how he helped grow a sunglass company into one of the leaders of technology in Eyewear, footwear and Apparel...I really saw that we can be a brand with great potential if we are making the right moves.  We are not only happy with his experience in the industry, we are happy that we have someone that can help guide us through this great journey of being an apparel brand.

Jeffs first day starts September 10th at the ASR Tradeshow.