About 1/1/2015

Green Washed Ritual at ASR By BambooSk8

BambooSK8, Out of Step Entertainment and New World Artist Management pre-Launch the Green Washed Ritual at ASR

20 free digital songs from around the world to promote sustainability

BambooSK8, a leading developer of eco-friendly bamboo skateboard decks, announced today that they have just launched a digital music compilation “The Green Washed Ritual”.  This launch coincides with the introduction of 5 revolutionary new bamboo skate decks, and will serve to celebrate the company’s presence at the ASR tradeshow in San Diego, booth #2627, inside the ASEC Green Room.

“Music has the powerful ability to inspire change and there is no better time than now to make life-changing moves towards a more sustainable future – one bamboo skateboard at a time, one download at a time,” said Geoff Koboldt, president, BambooSK8.  With the caliber and diversity of bands involved, this compilation has the potential to ignite awareness that no other medium has been able to attain in the action sports world and for that we are sincerely stoked.

Matt Philips of Silverback Music, who represents the artists Slightly Stoopid, Fishbone, Pepper, Rebelution, the Expendables and the Beautiful Girls said, “We are proud to have our artists involved with this innovative project and I respect that BambooSK8 is thinking outside the box!  We are finally moving in the direction where music can be used to benefit the environment, which is an exciting time for all.  I look forward to seeing companies continue to progress like this, and happy to have our artists contribute to this great cause!”

This revolutionary and energetic compilation consists of a wide variety of genres of music, as well as an eclectic mix of both major and indie label artists who have graciously donated 1 song each to promote sustainability.  These artists include CKY, Fishbone, It dies today, Slightly Stoopid, Sex and Patriotism, Theory of Disorder, Rebelution, Story of the Year, Dropout Year, Buck Brothers, Doxy, Social Dropouts, The Beautiful Girls, The Expendables, Madina Lake, Arthur Autumn, The Takeover UK, Vallenbrosa and Avery Watts.  Record labels include Roadrunner, Epitaph, Rykodisc/Warner Music Group, Law, Controlled Substance Sound Labs, Nightmare, TrustKill, New Ettiquette/The Orchard, and DKE.

BambooSK8 will provide access to download all 20 digital songs for free with the purchase of either a bamboo skateboard or a bamboo t-shirt off of their website at

These five brand new eco-friendly skateboard decks by BambooSK8 have been highly anticipated—three 100% bamboo longboards, and two short boards: one 100% bamboo, the other a 70% bamboo hybrid; always with amazing pop and durability.