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B$Z: Tracker Trucks merges with Pure distribution

September 23, 2009

Tracker Trucks merges with Pure distribution

After 35 years of Skateboard innovations, from the first wide modern truck utilizing aircraft technology to Rockit, the first stiff contoured deck lamination; Larry Balma has brought a lot to skateboarding. Today Larry is proud to announce he has merged Tracker Trucks with Pure Distribution. “I have been working on this for a while to find the right partner as I was concerned about keeping the essence of Tracker alive. I believe I have found that in Pure” said Balma. By adding Tracker to its lineup, Pure will be able to use its extended distribution network to realize the full potential of this great brand. Throughout the deal, Pure Distribution will oversee the management, sales and production of our High Quality Tracker Trucks. Larry Balma will concentrate on what he loves to do which is to envision and create the next evolution of skateboard trucks.
By adding Tracker trucks manufacturing arm, Pure Distribution will complete its existing skateboard manufacturing operation.  With its veneer factory, state of the art Woodchuck deck lamination, and urethane wheel process, Pure is poised to be the ultimate global skateboard supplier.
Max Dufour is CEO and co-founder of Pure distribution, VP marketing sales and founder of Woodchuck Inc.  Linda Prettyman will continue to lead Trackers pristine customer service arm. Jimmy Hoffer will continue managing production and quality control at Tracker trucks. 
Larry Balma is founder of Tracker Trucks, Climax Distribution and associated brands along with TransWorld Media. Over the years, Larry has pioneered the following in trucks: Tracker Fultrack, the first wide modern skateboard truck, followed by Haftrack, Midtrack, Extrack, Magnesium, Sixtrack, Racetrack, Ultralite, Fastrack, Vydenite, Graphite, Hawk, Quicktrack, Aggro, Streetrack, B52, Floater, E-Clip, Dart, Axis and also Orion Original, Ultimate Low, and Orion Superior, what's next?