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Board-Trac Offers Stimulus Package to Help Businesses Grow

October 20, 2009

B$Z: Board-Trac Offers Stimulus Package to Help Businesses Grow

Affordable Market Research Reports Provide Information on Specialty Retailers and Consumers

Board-Trac recognizes that times are tough.  In fact, they hear stories every day as they gather data from consumers, specialty retailers and the action sports brands they study.

They understand that while information is the cornerstone for building and even maintaining a business, it does sometimes just come down to affordability, not the desire for data.  Typically during tough times though, companies pull back on their marketing and promotional spending, including budgets to obtain the research and insights to keep them relevant and competitive within the market.

As a true partner to the specialty retailers and brands within the action sports industry, Board-Trac is launching its own stimulus plan.  Now through November 30, Board-Trac is significantly reducing the cost of its research.

“Our goal is to make the reports more affordable for the industry to purchase the research they need and want to maintain and build their businesses,” said Angelo Ponzi, Board-Trac President.

The Board-Trac Stimulus Package includes the Quarterly Retail Reports conducted in conjunction with the Board Retailers Association (BRA), the Annual Consumer Reports and Size of Market Trend Reports on spending among Surfers, Skateboarders and Snowboarders. Pricing for the Retail and Consumer Reports is 50% to 75% less than normal pricing.

In addition the Seminars that Board-Trac presents at the ASR trade shows and their subscription-based Trend Watch Program are now being offered at $100 each. 

The retail surveys are conducted among specialty retailers focused on action sports.  The first survey was conducted on Q1 2008.  The Reports reflect survey questions related to retailer attitudes and business conditions during the specified quarter of the year and trending information for previous quarters, as well as projections for the balance of the year. Details within the report include: sales and margin trends/comparisons, sales drivers, business outlook, importance of demographics, as well as product specifics for surf, skate, snowboarding, watches, sunglasses, apparel, etc. Product specifics may vary from quarter to quarter. 

These quarterly specialty retailer reports are normally priced at $350 each.  The Stimulus Plan pricing is all four quarters for $600.  The 2009 Consumer Reports - Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding are normally priced at $1,650 each. The Stimulus Package pricing is $750 each and further discounts with the purchase of two or all three reports. 

The 2009 Size of Market Trend reports on Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding are also affordable priced at $500 each rather than $750 plus further discounts for buying more than one category.   (Note: Snowboarding Consumer and Size of Market Trend Reports will be published in December 2009.)

For further information about the Board-Trac Stimulus Package, details on each report and pricing, visit the e-store at or contact Angelo Ponzi at 949-858-9095 or Marie Case at 949.721.8422.