Industry News 10/21/2009

EVENT: Dollars for Doman Art Show Went Off!

Dollars for Doman Art Show Went Off!

Hundreds of people gathered at Higher Ground Learning in downtown SLC last Friday night to celebrate the speedy recovery of local artist, Celtek designer and friend to all, Dave Doman.

The event, organized by Dave’s friends and family, featured art donated by a wide variety of artists, including painters, photographers and sculptors, some of whom had never even met Dave. T-shirts featuring Dave’s first post-crash art “Helmets are a Good Idea” were being screened on the spot and quickly sold out.

Free Natural Light, Honest Tea and appetizers from Fratelli Ristorante may have drawn people in the doors, but it was the positive vibes and good music that kept them partying late into the night.

The guest of honor was in attendance, and was lookin good in a helmet stickered up with stuff like “I can’t remember shit”.  Clearly his sense of humor is still intact!  Dave was definitely feeling the love, saying, “I am convinced that the reason I’m healing is because of all the people who care about me and wish for me to be well. Thank you to all those involved. I love you too!”

With all proceeds going directly to Dave for his recovery efforts, everyone was more than happy to open their wallets in a big way.  When all was said and done, with most of the art sold and additional cash donations, more than $6,000 was raised!

If you missed out on the event, you can purchase a piece of art that wasn’t sold or make a donation at