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B$Z: TheSurpriseStore Makes Waves in the Private Online Sale World

October 27, 2009

TheSurpriseStore Makes Waves in the Private Online Sale World
Casual Lifestyle Brand Consumers are Thrilled for this All-New Shopping and Online Marketing Forum

Online shoppers everywhere are signing up for TheSurpriseStore as they announce their first pop-up sale.  Founded by Mark S. Freeman, is the premier private online sales vehicle helping branded consumer product companies alleviate their inventory and find new direct-to-consumer channels for marketing and brand elevation. TheSurpriseStore is primarily focused on a 14-39 year old demographic and is geared towards youth lifestyle and action sports brands and targets cross promotion opportunities to enrich both the consumer and seller experience.

“The demographic that we are targeting with TheSurpriseStore is a niche that the private online sale world has yet to really approach,” Freeman says.  “We feel that we are acknowledging the current climate of both the economy and of retail that TheSurpriseStore is at the cusp of a breaking consumer trend in online shopping.”

This win-win channel of distribution allows the brands to alleviate their inventories with much better returns on their investments than traditional channels as well as simultaneously connect directly to their consumers with the built-in online marketing that the pop up sales provide. TheSurpriseStore members are given the opportunity to acquire great stuff at amazing prices and brands are able to move their product and their message to the mass market more efficiently. This direct to consumer model is a proven winner for both sides.

TheSurpriseStore’s is live and kicking! Check it out