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CONTEST: Triple Eight DESIGN OR DIE Helmet Design Contest

November 16, 2009

Triple Eight DESIGN OR DIE Helmet Design Contest
Design a helmet...and maybe earn some money, too

Triple Eight is launching a ground breaking global contest today for you to participate and help spread the word.  Triple Eight is giving its customers, friends, and anyone with some design chops the opportunity to work up a design that could adorn one of our signature helmets; the Triple Eight Brainsaver Skate Helmet and its Old School Audio Snow Helmet! The winner of the contest, chosen by the Jovoto community (, will receive $1000 cash. Even if you don't win the cash prize, if your helmet design is chosen to be incorporated into our product line, you’ll receive 5% of the wholesale price of each helmet sold, with the potential to have your design rocked by athletes from around the world.   
Sign up for the contest through



How does it work?

1. Sign up on

2. Submit your ideas and get comments, ideas and ratings from other people

3. Update your design, comment on other designs until the judging begins 

The Money

There are $1,000 in prizes for the ideas that the community thinks are best. But there is more. YOUR idea could also be used by Triple 8 - if it is, you will get 5% of the wholesale price every time YOUR helmet is sold. Complete details are in the competition brief. 


Take a look at the blog post and comments about the Triple 8 helmet design competition structure or just contact Triple Eight via this site. 

What is Jovoto?

Jovoto is a platform that runs fun and fair contests for designers and other creatives. Triple Eight NYC is working with Jovoto to make sure this works well for all of us.

Even if you don't submit a design, why not vote for your favorites?