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PR: BBPR Introduces PR Audit Program For Action Sports Brands

BBPR Introduces PR Audit Program For Action Sports Brands

Internal Media Asset Assessment and Competitive Review To Help Brands Realize Non-Endemic Media Potential

BBPR, the San Diego based PR consultancy, is introducing the Lifestyle Communications Audit (LCA), a review process aimed at helping action sports brands evaluate their communications programs and potentially realize new opportunities that take advantage of existing assets. The audit will have an emphasis on the brand’s current PR efforts and utilization of social media, in addition to other marketing efforts such as ad campaigns, trade show attendance and events already in place that could also be repurposed to gain additional exposure.

With multiple group Y events centering on public relations as well as April’s IASC summit meeting and the recent SIMA PR Boot Camp event, the action sports community’s interest in public relations is at a significant high point. As technology continues to change the way consumers and journalists gather and filter information, a solid media relations strategy should be a key part of a well-rounded rounded marketing plan. Unfortunately, many brands aren’t leveraging their full potential for media coverage outside of their endemic channels.

“Executing a solid PR program isn’t as simple mass-emailing a press release to a list of somewhat relevant media and industry insiders or going to New York City for three days of show-and-tell with editors,” said Bill Byrne, BBPR’s founder and lead media strategist. “Media tours and press releases are great components in a PR program, but they’re not the end-all and surely won’t guarantee coverage.  From what we’ve seen, so many brands in action sports have great stories to tell, but rarely go beyond the ‘here’s next season’s new color for product X’ pitch.”

The LCA is a mult-step process where the BBPR team works with brands to evaluate their media goals, current PR program and analysis of their current strategy, as well as the public facing efforts of their competitors. The end result will be a comprehensive breakdown of what is working for the brand and steps that can be taken to gain increased exposure.

“I’ve worked on the PR side of action sports since 1997 and have seen some brands get incredible PR coverage and others let great opportunities pass them by,” added Bill.  “The brands we meet with as a part of the audit will have an understanding of opportunities before them that they may not be taking advantage of.  After that the audit is complete, these brands can use what they’ve learned to execute on their own, engage BBPR in a partnership or work with another party to help support their efforts.” 

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