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B$Z: Agenda and The Berrics Join Forces

December 7, 2009

Agenda and The Berrics Join Forces
New Partnership Presents The Berrics Agenda

Having already built one of the strongest and most respected tradeshows in action sports, and street wear, The Agenda Tradeshow is further integrating the skateboard industry in a unique partnership with The Berrics.

Come January, The Agenda Tradeshow will feature a brand new section dedicated to skateboard brands, entitled THE BERRICS AGENDA. “We can’t imagine a better partner in this expansion. Our intention has always been to make the skateboard industry top priority at Agenda and this opportunity furthers that intention. The Berrics exemplify what we strive for.” said Agenda President Aaron Levant.

Steve Berra and Eric Koston’s legendary institution recently implemented an innovative advertising and branding program called the Berrics Unified (, which caters specifically to regional independent and “mom and pop” core skate shops. By having a profile in The Berrics Unified and through geo-targeted banner advertising on their highly trafficked website (, independent skate shops can now advertise specifically to customers in their region. In an attempt to level the retail playing field, the Berrics Unified program provides the “little guy” a unique relationship with and it’s loyal web following.

In an extension of the program, THE BERRICS AGENDA will host representatives from 61 Berrics Unified retailers, providing travel and accommodations to The Agenda Tradeshow. This opportunity is especially valuable in this strained economy as smaller retailers may not be able to justify the expense of traveling to tradeshows. With the Agenda/Berrics partnership, the Unified retailers are now afforded the opportunity to focus their advertising on the most influential website in skateboarding and interact with their industry partners twice a year at the most exciting and progressive tradeshow in the United States.

"We’re extremely happy to provide The Berrics Unified Shops the opportunity to come out to The Berrics Agenda show and give many of them not only a break from the cold weather, but cap it off with a night of food, fun and skateboarding at the Berrics. We believe this further demonstrates both The Berrics and Agenda’s commitment to the success of skate shops all over the country.” says Berrics Co-Founder Steve Berra.

The Berrics Agenda will debut in Huntington Beach California January 8-9.