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MEDIA: Social Control Creates Animated Short

January 6, 2010

Social Control Creates Animated Short

This week Social Control debuted its animated short, titled “Paint Splash”. The Los Angeles-based digital creative studio produced the 54-second digital film as the first of a trilogy of shorts to be released. "The goal of 'Paint Splash' was two-fold," said Seth Silver, Chief Creative Officer. “We believe that an animation of this type is a wonderful method to tell the story of one's brand. It’s only natural that we’d use this same medium to showcase one of the capabilities of our team while telling the story of the creation of Social Control.”

The storyline is a metaphor for the studio’s approach to digital- what the team calls the “inside out approach”. It is a story about creating the conditions for one's own existence. The young man in the video uses paint and a pristine urban environment for the creation of elements that will gradually evolve into a social movement.  The use of the color red across the film references the company’s branding and the symbols, icons, and emotions associated with that hue.

The animated short is only one tool in an arsenal used by Social Control to reinforce the message that it is the creative shop that meets all the digital production needs of an emerging industry. The process to create “Paint Splash” was the same one that Social Control uses for all of its clients. That starts with an understanding of the message that needs to be conveyed and a determination of the best methods to share that message with the appropriate audience.

Storyboarding took place in late summer. The Social Control team leaked animation tests as they designed and rendered the scenes. The team put the final touches on the project in November. The short will be submitted to festivals and animation showcases. The studio has begun planning for a screening party following the release of the complete trilogy in 2010.

Paint Splash Animated Short from Seth Silver on Vimeo.